Legislative Coffee • Sioux Falls • Feb 2, 2019

I guess not all of our legislature is Whacky. It seems (most of) this delegation supports having a Spanish driver’s license test, legalizing industrial hemp, studying making ingestion a misdemenor. But they want to change absentee voting from 45 days to ‘something else’. I don’t agree, leave it as is. As Representative Sullivan said, “I started campaigning and knocking on doors in August.” She also added we need to make it easier for people to vote. 100% Agreed!

I do however think that absentees should be mailed to the SD address, NOT snowbird address. I think if you travel for business and are out of state quite a bit that should be an exception, but if you don’t actually physically live here at least 95% of the time, you shouldn’t be able to vote. A great example is a certain individual who is extremely wealthy who has a SF address, and constantly is nosing around in city government but lives most of the time in California. I don’t agree with this. If you want to participate in state and municipal government, great, but you also have to live here. It is obvious you are keeping your SD address for tax shelter purposes (another law that should change).


#1 "Very Stable Genius" on 02.03.19 at 1:05 pm

Did the Argus, or any of the local tv stations, even do a story about this legislative coffee?

But if we make the window to vote shorter, won’t that make it harder for the out-of-state RV voter to request and get their ballot back in time?

#2 l3wis on 02.03.19 at 3:28 pm

I guess the AL was there, but they couldn’t get the WI-FI to work in this technically advanced higher learning campus, so they linked the Chamber’s video which didn’t work very well either. Good thing our UNPAID, NON-MEDIA person Cameraman Bruce was there to catch the moment.

#3 grudznick on 02.03.19 at 4:41 pm

Your headline, young sir, states Jan 2, but please pass on to Mr. Bruce grudznick’s appreciation for being able to watch the movies of this.

#4 "Very Stable Genius" on 02.04.19 at 7:03 pm

But that’s all AL offered was a feed to the event with no commentary or reporting, right? I guess you could watch a Super Bowl that way, but its a hell of a way to watch a democracy slowly collapse before our eyes due to indifference.