Riverfest was a great success

So there was this Seventies-ish funk dance band that headlined. Satchel Grande from Omaha.


#1 A low flying Thunderbird blew-off my neighbor's MAGA hat on 08.18.19 at 5:17 pm

I especially enjoyed watching our future mayor, David, dance to the music. And the enchantment of the Arc lights was all the rage. The city should also put in some surprise spray parks next year throughout that area just for fun.

#2 LJL on 08.18.19 at 7:07 pm


#3 D@ily Spin on 08.18.19 at 9:22 pm

Once a gram or less of pot is legal, these concerts will become more appealing and more audience. Tax it, we’ll pay it.

#4 Blasphemo on 08.19.19 at 9:31 am

I too have seen “future mayor” David Zovirus showing off his moves in front of the stage at a Levitt event. He’s really got some moves, huh? He revels in the attention, no doubt, regardless of the idiotic spectre he manifests at every opportunity he seizes for a moment of “fame”. His offspring must be so proud.

#5 ''Extremely' Stable Genius" on 08.19.19 at 2:39 pm

But I have a question: Is dancing in public known as running of the feet, and if so, is that an arresting offense analogous to running of the mouth? What if you are running from zombies? Is that permissible?

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