Angela didn’t have to drive to Tripp, SD to find corruption

While I appreciate Stormland-TV‘s heartwarming Christmas story from Tripp, SD, they really didn’t have to trudge over there to get a juicy one, they could have just walked a couple of blocks around the studio offices.

At 10th and Phillips they could see the site of the Copper Lounge collapse that the State’s Attorney, the Attorney General, the Public Assurance Alliance and the City of Sioux Falls failed to investigate, oh but the Feds did, and $50 dollars later, problem solved.

Or they could have went just one block east of the collapse site and admired our Bunker Ramp and how no one has yet to explain how we got there, oh, and no explanations from the guy who once hired Angela’s daughter to be his nanny.

It would be a few more blocks, but they could make the trek to city hall at 9th and Main and ask Paul himself.

While in the neighborhood, why not pop over to the Minnehaha Courthouse and ask the County Commission liaison, Cindy Heiberger why she didn’t keep better tabs on the State’s Attorney.

While it’s fun driving to Tripp and admiring the scenery (I made the ‘trip’ today in the vicinity). You really only have to stroll around the neighborhood to uncover corruption and bribery.


#1 Fear & Loathing in Sioux Falls on 12.24.19 at 9:23 pm

But if they report on crime in Sioux Falls by local officials, won’t they then put in jeopardy their future naming rights at the Events Center?

#2 scott on 12.24.19 at 9:59 pm

speaking of naming rights at the denty,i noticed club cambria is now the premier club. have the initial naming rights packages expired? did cambria decline to renew, or did first premier outbid them?

#3 D@ily Spin on 12.25.19 at 10:01 am

There’s lots more. Petitions at city hall are not accepted because they are the approved format. Six private indoor tennis courts got built with public money awarded to the mayor. Someone gets arrested so they won’t appear before the city council. I’ve yet to figure out how we voted for an Events Center. Why was the city bathhouse built on federal land? Why was the new ‘Banquet’ built in northwest Sioux Falls nowhere near an impoverished neighborhood?