When this was first proposed to the Minnehaha County Commission, it sounded like a great idea. But, as we all know, great ideas die really fast when you don’t get buy-in from the residents. I was actually pretty surprised when I watched the MCC meeting on Tuesday that the group proposing this trail never got buy-in from the residents of Wall Lake.

Huge Fail!

Let this be a lesson that when you have a good idea (I still think it is) that you do your research and get everyone on board, or at least a majority on board.

Let’s face it, most people don’t like change, but I think this has more to do with privacy. People live on Wall Lake for a reason, they like the solitude, that’s a given. I wish this would have been more thought out and planned so the residents could still get their privacy while having a great quality of life project around the lake.

4 Thoughts on “Wall Lake Bike Trail idea has very little buy-in from residents

  1. D@ily Spin on January 9, 2020 at 9:56 pm said:

    Wall Lake is a pleasant escape. People move there to escape city corruption. I’d rather see the county prevent city annexations with legal recourse. Wall Lake must always be without improvements that invite Sioux Falls problems.

  2. 'DAUMINATOR.' IN NEED OF ONE. on January 10, 2020 at 1:59 pm said:

    Whoever would thought that Wall Lake residents would have the same attitude as Malibu Beach owners about public access and enjoyment?…. #SoSimilar

    ( – and Woodstock adds: “I still don’t understand why it isn’t called ‘Lake Wall?'”…..”Or, why don’t we call it Lorraine Lake, too”….”In fact, let’s call Lorraine Lake, while we are at it”….#BoomBoomBang )

  3. The Guy from Guernsey on January 10, 2020 at 10:45 pm said:

    meh, use gated exits (like the one which guards the exit and pathway up to ‘St Charles Heights’. Keep the commoners on the path.

  4. As an avid fishermen, it amazes me how many lake residents believe they own the lake. With that said, they own the land around it and the bike trail is a silly idea considering how small this lake is and how far it is from the city.

    Come on county, your out of cash and full of idea’s how to waste more.

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