Over the past week there has been some criticism towards TenHaken on how he has been handling the Covid ordinances and restrictions in Sioux Falls and most of it is coming from the movers and shakers in the SD Republican Party.

A certain blogger who takes his marching orders directly from the state’s party leadership has been very critical of TenHaken’s leadership.

It baffled me at first that the same guy who benefitted from Paul helping him hide his private business on musical servers would suddenly turn his back on his BFF.

He certainly wasn’t doing it on his own, he has never done anything on his own.

The rumor going around was that there was a dustup between TenHaken, the party leadership and one of Paul’s staffers (you can take a good guess who that is). I don’t have anymore details than that, but we do know there has been a fractured SD Republican party ever since Noem and Jackley duked it out and there now are several factions in the party going many different directions.

I’ve also noticed that when Paul talks on the radio or on FB he says he belongs to the party of Sioux Falls and isn’t a Republican or Democratic mayor. Yes, Paul, it is a non-partisan position, but you are registered Republican.

Will this dustup lead Paul to do what Bucktooth & Bowlcut did towards the end of his 2nd term and register as a Indy? Doubtful. But one wonders who got to him. Some have suggested it was Noem herself while others said it was the Iowa business owner who runs the party. It may have been both.

I have heard from legislators who serve on committees in Pierre that when you go into a meeting with the governor, she runs the room and won’t take any guff from anybody. She also likes to make veiled threats if you don’t do what she says.

Something has changed in Paul over the past week, and I don’t think those changes in his attitude came from inside him – I think someone gave him an attitude adjustment.

By l3wis

26 thoughts on “Did Mayor TenHaken have a fallout with SD GOP Leadership?”
  1. PTH doesn’t need the Republican Party. I don’t know how anyone can take Dan Lederman, a big-mouthed bail bondsman from North Sioux City, seriously. Then again, I don’t understand the Trump Cult either.

    My money is PTH caved to pressure from local developers and the SF Chamber. Money talks.

    I’m grateful we will have Pat Starr as our voice and conscience on the Council for another 4 years!

  2. When the Democrats can no longer elect a statewide candidate, then Republicans become two.

  3. VSG- Well you know what they call a Minnesota Republican? A South Dakota Democrat.

  4. l3wis,

    That’s right. There are actually three factions within the GOP.

  5. PTH has little Party cache. Those to which he may hold sway are the unpricipled or mislead. A group of people so ideological vacuous thatBloomberg makes. A virtue signaling slight of hand crowd centered around the idea of me.

  6. Just another Sioux Falls mayor who will never make it into higher office. Midterm is when republicans attack. Has there ever been a Sioux Falls mayor who later became governor?

  7. i don’t quite get this post. is pth now falling in line or is he doing his own thing?

  8. PTH tried to make a power play and was defeated by Noem’s relationships with Corey Lewandowski and the Donald. Noem was told to be tough on everyone and never give an inch. She may not know much but she is not going to let anyone else take over and splain things. PTH is all fluff and puff and no power.

  9. Do you have a link where he says he is of the party of Sioux falls? I have not heard him say that yet. Thank you

  10. SE,
    “Those to which he may hold sway are the unpricipled or mislead.”
    “… ideological vacuous …” ”
    A virtue signaling slight of hand crowd centered around the idea of me.”

    Indeed! This is the crowd from which was begat Aaron Hultgren (unprincipled, ideologically vacuous, slight-of-hand, centered around the idea of ‘me’ – certainly hits all your marks).

    From this crowd was also hatched a Director of I & T and an outlook that to achieve and accomplish is to merely assemble a plan for Mass Transit OnDemand (albeit the plan was perhaps derived from a process involving virtual sticky notes, posted and prioritized on a virtual flipchart – there is your Innovation, right there!). Then write an app for it. Boom! Done! Collect admiration and praise for innovation-never-placed-to-practical-everyday-application.

    On the horizon, see a candidate for City Council. His candidacy (and plentiful financial campaign contributions) a Manchurian puppet exercise orchestrated by this crowd.

    The younger generation of this crowd formerly gathered regularly to worship at the place called The Bakery.

    In before “Woodstock” with this musing, “The Bakery … oh yah, I remember that place. But where do they worship now? Or are they unchurched?”

  11. Remember — Bill Janklow was a maverick in the GOP ranks. The only election he lost was the Senate primary against Abdnor. A former SDGOP chair once told me that the difference between Rapid City and Sioux Falls in party unity was that, in Rapid City, it wasn’t possible to find a candidate conservative (right-wing) enough to satisfy the base. OTOH, Sioux Falls was like Bosnia – so many GOP factions so focused on infighting that they couldn’t coalesce as a single party.

    Which SF GOP faction does Mayor TenHaken belong to? How compatible is he/that faction with the SDGOP and with Gov. Noem? NOTE: the SDGOP and Gov. Noem ought to be on the same page, but there are enough tensions in the GOP caucus in the legislature and the Governor’s poll numbers are low enough that there are probably some tensions there.

  12. About seven years ago, he smirked, when he mentioned people of a particular political party should not show their partisan ties on social media, when interviewed by a local TV reporter.

    While running for mayor, he gave Trump a “B,” but also claimed he had pulled a petition to run for the state legislature a few years before his mayoral run because he didn’t want to just be identified with the “R”.

    Recently, he told John King on CNN, that he was a “Red Mayor”.

    Now, he’s a member of the party of Sioux Falls.

    My only question is: Doesn’t the party of Sioux Falls mean developers and special interests? And doesn’t that mean “R”?

  13. Mike, what’s your position on quotation marks? Tell Alex! hi.

  14. Scott, is there a way you could mark everything that is posted from VSGs IP? That way it’d be easier to not read anything from his 47 different aliases.

  15. Mike, you don’t like quotation marks, do you? Thanks for answering my question, although, in an unique way. Once again, tell Alex! hi.

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