What would 4 more years of Trump look like?

Well, as you know, anything is possible. Trump could win another 4 years legally. The Senate could also stay in the Republican majority.

So what does a Trump presidency and Republican controlled Senate look like over the next 4 years?

• The SCOTUS will get a new member and it will take a hard right turn. I think Amy Coney Barrett will be confirmed no matter how the election turns out. I think the court will overturn Roe v Wade and only allow abortions for health of a mother, or at least turn those decisions over to the states. I also think they will eliminate the ACA.

• There will be more violence in the streets. I think what we are seeing right now is just the tip of the iceberg. I also think there will be more gun violence and NO gun control reform.

• While a Corona virus vaccine may emerge after January 1st I think most Americans will not have access to until late of 2021. I also think the vaccine will not be that reliable. Just look at testing, you would think by now we would ALL have access to fast testing whenever we wanted it. So how is developing an effective vaccine any different?

• We will engage in a deep cold war with China and I wouldn’t be surprised if our military gets into some skirmishes with their military.

• Our weather will get even more drastic and hazardous and Trump will continue to ignore it.

• The DOJ will indict Biden, Clinton and Obama.

• The economy will continue to be volatile with extreme peaks and drops in the stock market and employment.

There are many more scenarios I could play out, but if Trump wins he will come after his enemies and try to destroy them.

Frankly, I’m not too worried. The closer we get to the election the more I think it will be a landslide for Biden. I even think he will get enough electors (270) the night of the election. And while Trump will likely challenge the results (many absentees will not be counted until weeks after the election) I think it will only secure an even larger lead for Biden. Hillary beat Trump by about 3 million popular votes. I think Biden will beat Trump by 12-20 million popular votes.

I also think the Senate will have a Democratic Majority and the House will remain Democratic. While I don’t think it will be by much, I think they will at least be in the majority by 1 or 2 seats. I think this will set up an opportunity for both houses and the white house to make abortion federally legal with legislation and expand the ACA (even eliminate it) by providing Medicare to people who want it. I also think you will see a stronger stance on gun control, police reform, institutional racism and climate change.

I will concede though that Washington will NOT be kind to South Dakota, especially because of our Trump loving bootlicking governor. I don’t expect much help from a Biden administration except a stronger economy, God willing.

I encourage people to vote for Biden, because another 4 years of Trump and a Republican controlled Senate is a nightmarish reality we cannot endure.


#1 "Very Stable Genius" on 10.11.20 at 12:16 pm

Everyone needs to check out RealClearPolitics and their daily tracking of all of the polls, good and bad. Since Trump left the hospital, his numbers have been going up in battleground states that are polled from that date forward, and he actually has regained the lead in some of those states with the most recent polls.

The national media is not talking about this, instead they are spinning that Biden leads comfortably in national polls, which he does, but as we all know, its not about how well Biden is doing in California when its aggregate is tied to Wisconsin, rather it’s about how he is doing in Wisconsin and other battleground states in and of themselves.

Also, I am constantly haunted by what Michael Moore said back in 2016, that if Trump won that year, he would be our last US President.

I actually believe by late October, the Biden camp will wish they had had the other two debates. The potential debates are Trump’s Achille’s Heal, which the Democrats are unintentionally trying to heal.

Pray for America! A second Trump term with climate change will be like the Mad Max movie you thought could never happen in real life.

( and Woodstock adds: “The other night, when Trump was standing on the Truman Balcony of the White House and gasping for air, I thought I was watching a colorization clip from an old Mussolini propaganda film”…. (…”Mad Max?!”…. “Gibson was in that movie!”…. “Jared had better watch out!” …. ))

#2 "Very Stable Genius" on 10.11.20 at 8:27 pm

Update: A Georgia poll just came out with Biden ahead by 1%. This is good news, since Biden hasn’t been ahead in Georgia since three polls ago with a poll that was conducted through September 27th. Let’s hope this is a new trend.

#3 Conservative Here on 10.11.20 at 8:29 pm

Trump wins in land slide not Biden. The fact Trump pulled ads in Iowa and Wisconsin tells you all you need to know, he knows those are in the bag. Biden can’t get 3 people in a room to listen to him, just look with your eyes and not the polling, there is not enthusiasm for Old Joe. Telemudo had a Twiter poll up after the Vice President debate in which 74% said Pence won, within an hour they took it down. They know, they all know, Biden has no chance but, we will see I guess

#4 kurtz on 10.12.20 at 8:41 am

So, watching the entire GOP circling the drain while they drown their comrades trying to flounder from the maelstrom is the schadenfreude we Democrats need right now. Trump’s installation and downfall is the biggest political sting in the history of the United States. Trump and the GOP were set up by superior forces then were given enough rope to hang the entire cabal. He knows he’s caught and will do anything to save his ass. In poker they say, “you can keep the cheese if you just let me out of the trap.”

Simply brilliant gambit conducted by the Obama White House and Clinton campaign to throw the election and let Trump and the GOP commit political suicide!

It is impossible the Obama Administration didn’t know Donald Trump was being installed by a hostile government. The Deep State wanted Trump in the White House because they’re the Mob, too and he’s leveling the other guys’ poppy fields and heroin distribution with bombers from South Dakota while leaving the friendly opiate trade to flourish. The Trump Organization is an equal opportunity money launderer doing it for CIA and other Deep State actors for decades. Trump hasn’t released his financials because they show the paper trail leading to every White House since probably Eisenhower. Fred Trump is a JFK assassination conspirator hence those dox are being held up, too.

John Thune already knew Donald Trump was a sleaze from his basketball buddy Jim Comey. That’s right: the vast white wing of the Republican Party was going to beat Hillary Clinton at any cost even if it meant colluding with a sworn enemy of the United States, destroying the presidency and taking down the republic. So Thune made Congress look the other way as Russia and Cambridge Analytica conspired with Facebook to hack the election.

And, had former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton been elected in 2016 Paul Ryan would be president today. Her campaign knew that if Hillary won the rabid Republican House would have impeached her, the Senate would have removed her before midterms and Trump would be on the sidelines egging them on. Somebody (Robert Mercer and Cambridge Analytica) promised Paul Ryan the presidency had Clinton been removed and Tim Kaine met an unfortunate end but that all crashed when Trump was installed. There’s no way in Hell the GOP would have given a President Kaine the time to choose a Veep.

Clinton sat in with the most sophisticated intelligence community on the planet, ferfucksake! She and her campaign knew the Russians, the Trump campaign, Mike Pence and the Republican Party were hacking the election and the battle over her private emails proves it. The tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch was to deliver a thumb drive containing the Steele Dossier to the Justice Department. It was likely an open secret Trump was already under the microscope. Hillary’s campaign was phoned in at best so they gave Trump and the GOP all the rope they’re using right now to hang themselves.

#5 D@ily Spin on 10.12.20 at 9:48 am

Wow, the sky is falling. I’m more optimistic. However, these are troubled times. Serious issues despite who wins the election.
If I were a seer, I predict Trump wins electoral college and Biden wins popular vote. The matter ends up in Supreme Court. Trump will prevail because of his appointments. What’s worrisome is first year will be stagnant until he’s confirmed.
I doubt there will be war with China. They can hurt us more financially and watch while global warming destroys US world prominence. There might be another Korean War when North Korea’s new leader aligns with South Korea and US allies.

#6 Laughable on 10.12.20 at 9:58 am

Not sure how you think the economy will get better under Biden? He has said he will raise taxes which will stifle the economy and send more jobs overseas. The rioting was happening on Obama’s watch, I think when Trump wins, we will get that under control. Gun control? Why? Wouldn’t it be better to help the mentally disturbed? Maybe prison reform, sending people for help instead? I don’t think your new Supreme Court justice Amy will stop you from killing babies…

#7 "Very Stable Genius" on 10.12.20 at 10:29 am

C.H., I think what you have identified is merely Harris’s shortcomings. Biden should have picked Susan Rice.

Harris is more outgoing than Rice, but since the Biden campaign is really not using Harris much, they should have gone with Rice. Rice would have been a much sounder running mate for Biden in the long term.

“Someday”, a Rice could have held the White House for the Dems, but Harris won’t be able to.

You watch, Harris will go after Barrett, during the hearings, and it will all backfire on the Biden camp.

Gore picking Lieberman to tighten Florida with the help of the Jewish vote and Obama picking Biden to help with the white working class vote were all smart strategic VP picks, but increasing the Dems have become lazy and unimaginative in their picking of VPs like with Edwards, Kaine, and Harris, I am afraid.

Trump’s pulling ads, because believe it or not, he has a cash issue. Plus, my guess is that they are regrouping for a surge of ads, or should we say lies, at the end of the campaign in states like Iowa and Wisconsin.

#8 D@ily Spin on 10.12.20 at 12:34 pm

Because of COVID, mail or person is safe voting. With so many unresolvable issues, how about Zoom and Rock-Paper-Scissors?