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UPDATE II: Biden ripped off the Afghanistan Bandaid

UPDATE II: The hits keep coming;

UPDATE: I love this segment that pulled the ridiculous quotes from the previous administration. BUSTED!

I was going to write a long rant about our president doing the right thing, but I think Seth nailed it;

Another great perspective;

Biden (G/T-Tim Benson)

What would 4 more years of Trump look like?

Well, as you know, anything is possible. Trump could win another 4 years legally. The Senate could also stay in the Republican majority.

So what does a Trump presidency and Republican controlled Senate look like over the next 4 years?

• The SCOTUS will get a new member and it will take a hard right turn. I think Amy Coney Barrett will be confirmed no matter how the election turns out. I think the court will overturn Roe v Wade and only allow abortions for health of a mother, or at least turn those decisions over to the states. I also think they will eliminate the ACA.

• There will be more violence in the streets. I think what we are seeing right now is just the tip of the iceberg. I also think there will be more gun violence and NO gun control reform.

• While a Corona virus vaccine may emerge after January 1st I think most Americans will not have access to until late of 2021. I also think the vaccine will not be that reliable. Just look at testing, you would think by now we would ALL have access to fast testing whenever we wanted it. So how is developing an effective vaccine any different?

• We will engage in a deep cold war with China and I wouldn’t be surprised if our military gets into some skirmishes with their military.

• Our weather will get even more drastic and hazardous and Trump will continue to ignore it.

• The DOJ will indict Biden, Clinton and Obama.

• The economy will continue to be volatile with extreme peaks and drops in the stock market and employment.

There are many more scenarios I could play out, but if Trump wins he will come after his enemies and try to destroy them.

Frankly, I’m not too worried. The closer we get to the election the more I think it will be a landslide for Biden. I even think he will get enough electors (270) the night of the election. And while Trump will likely challenge the results (many absentees will not be counted until weeks after the election) I think it will only secure an even larger lead for Biden. Hillary beat Trump by about 3 million popular votes. I think Biden will beat Trump by 12-20 million popular votes.

I also think the Senate will have a Democratic Majority and the House will remain Democratic. While I don’t think it will be by much, I think they will at least be in the majority by 1 or 2 seats. I think this will set up an opportunity for both houses and the white house to make abortion federally legal with legislation and expand the ACA (even eliminate it) by providing Medicare to people who want it. I also think you will see a stronger stance on gun control, police reform, institutional racism and climate change.

I will concede though that Washington will NOT be kind to South Dakota, especially because of our Trump loving bootlicking governor. I don’t expect much help from a Biden administration except a stronger economy, God willing.

I encourage people to vote for Biden, because another 4 years of Trump and a Republican controlled Senate is a nightmarish reality we cannot endure.

When sick pigs fly


Who put a quarter in Joe?


Evidence? What Evidence?

Joe Biden Kicked Ass and took names

Okay, that’s the political junkie-farter in me. Palin won on the folksy “I’m one of you” bullshit. He really shook her up a couple times – but she held her own against a giant like Joe. You have to remember, Joe wrote the violence against women act and Sarah charged rape victims for their rape kits when she was mayor of Wasilly. Big difference on women’s rights. Remember she thinks homosexuality is a choice- something that the scientific community has proven differently over the past two decades.

I think where Joe smashed her was on the role of the VP and how Cheney has been a complete Dick about abusing his powers. Joe really showed he knows the US Constituion and Palin doesn’t have an ounce of respect for that document – not good if you want to run the country. Ben Franklin is puking right now.

Of course the Republicans will say she is the bomb that ‘ramped it up’. She is the Schmaverick!

Sorry hillibillies but I want my President and VP to be smarter then me.

The Non-troversy

Gwen Ifill announced this book in July – The McLame campaign approved Ifill in August to moderate the debate. Get over it. If anything, being a woman may play against Biden more then Palin.

That’s a load off my mind

What do you talk about when you can’t explain the last 8 years of failure?

Joe Biden sums it up . . .