I was actually surprised to hear only around 100 people showed up to a rally in Sioux Falls to protest the POTUS election results 🙂 no I wasn’t.

As a person who follows politics as a hobby, I can tell you that most Americans have something in common; they hate politics. Most have already moved on and have accepted the results of the election. While a lot of them are not happy about it (I still think Biden was the worst pick the Dems made) they have moved on.

We all know the flat out lies and misinformation that is being spread around by both camps and it is hard to keep track, but the one that sticks out for me is that MOST Trump voters are still concerned about voter fraud. The best poll numbers show that around 40% of them ‘think’ there was fraud, but I guessing even a smaller number will try to do anything about it, like we saw in Terrace Park yesterday.

I do agree with Senate Republicans that there should be an election commission to study how reliable the election was, BUT, it should be conducted in every state to give an overall view. I believe that they will find very little fraud (there will always be minor instances) and I think they will find that Biden may have gotten even more votes.

That’s where the Stop the Steal voters seem to have a hollow argument, claiming that only fraud occurred in swing states that Trump lost (even though several Republicans down ballot got elected in those states). It’s a ludicrous argument. If you want to have a commission on studying voter fraud in a national election, you have to include all the states. Which I am all for.

They also seem to have a unique misunderstanding of how you count mail in votes. In most states, including South Dakota, they get fed in last to the counting machines, it’s always been done this way and since Trump effectively said one of the stupidest things a POTUS candidate could say – Don’t vote by mail – Donny shouldn’t be surprised that Biden got those votes.

So why do I think most people will just move on from this? Because I put Trump voters into several categories and two sub categories (some are intertwined).

Sub Category 1; Trump voters that will move on, or already have

• Independent Conservatives. These are people that don’t trust the party system (because it is a joke) but are so conservative they would never in their lifetime vote for liberal or even a moderate Democrat. So they voted for Trump, not because they like him, but they believe as I do I need to make a choice. So they plug their noses and vote. They are probably not to broken up that Trump is gone.

• Registered Republicans that will never vote for a Democrat. Better known as straight ticket voters. They always vote for an R and they always will. After the election they move on and don’t care. These people are probably the least engaged of Trump voters. They will probably forget his name by March.

• Rich people (Republican or Indy) These people really don’t have a moral or ethical compass. They are rich and greedy and don’t give a sh*t who sits in the oval office as long as they get tax breaks and are anti-regulation. They make a lot of money and don’t want to share. They actually like Trump because he hasn’t paid taxes. While Biden may make them nervous, they aren’t too worried about his term(s) they always have some loophole to fall back on. They are like ‘oh well’.

• Anti-Liberal. No matter how many times you show these folks the facts they don’t seem to care. To them anything that is NOT conservative is just evil. They love Trump, because like I said already, they are not interested in facts and they believe his horse puckey that we are becoming a socialist nation. Folks, we already are a socialist democracy. Google it, go to the library, the proof is there. In fact we as an American society use social programs everyday, all of us. These people are on the lower end of the IQ spectrum, and since they are, in a couple of months, they will forget about the Orange Menace.

Sub Category 2; Trump voters that will not move on (okay, maybe by July or August)

• Poor Stupid people and old bigots. I tried to find a more sophisticated name, but they aren’t sophisticated so why should I be? These are the ass clowns you see at events like yesterday or at Trump rallies across the nation. You have probably seen the news coverage, in one breath they claim to be Christian and that Trump was sent by God and in the next breath they are telling news reporters to F’ck off because the reporters confused them with math and facts and stuff. These are the supporters that are mad about Trump losing but won’t do much about it in a couple of months, because all these people are good at is bitching, and they will go back to their old routines of complaining about their minority neighbors or how they found out their pastor is mentoring a transgender teenager. They can only handle one controversy at a time, so Trump will be ancient history for them when their teenage daughter tells them she is pregnant and the father’s name is DuWayne Jr.

But what is the best way we can all move on? Well it starts with the mainstream media, locally, nationally and internationally. I make a plea to you;

DON’T COVER DONALD TRUMP AFTER JANUARY 21ST unless he is arrested. Seriously, he lost, by a lot. Not having to hear that name or listen to his trap flap ever again would be a blessing. Ignore him. Trust me, the Biden administration has so many challenges to face that the news should have little time to broadcast the sniveling of a two-time loser former POTUS. The quicker we put Trump in a media blackout the quicker the Trump voters I mentioned can move on.

15 Thoughts on “Poor turnout at Stop the Steal event shows MOST people have accepted the POTUS election results

  1. rufusx on January 3, 2021 at 4:23 pm said:

    “…..misinformation that is being spread around by both camps…..” seriously? Dude – now you’re trying to play the fens-sitting “moderate” as opposed to be a truth speaker? What? You’re planning on a run for office and don’t want to offend any conservatives who you imagine might vote for you? WTF? Tell us all about the “flat out lies and misinformation” being spread by the Biden camp. I have a feeling we’ll be either a. waiting a loooonnnngggg time – or b. you’ll be posting lies and misinformation.

  2. Ruf, settle down old man, it was a generalization, but if you want an example, we could start with Ossoff and his claim Kelly was campaigning with a KKK member. Not true, she took a photo with one unknowingly. While I can’t stand the stupid bit*h I will defend her on this. Ruf, you have been in politics long enough to know that both sides spread it. I will admit though, Trump and his defenders have been the biggest bullsh*tters on the face of the earth.

  3. "Very Stable Genius" on January 3, 2021 at 6:01 pm said:

    They went to Scheels instead to look at guns. A Democrat is now the POTUS. Buy gun futures.

    ( and Woodstock adds: “What about Gary’s?”…. “Isn’t that… ‘Where the Shooters Shop’?”….. )

  4. timetobuyguns on January 4, 2021 at 11:30 am said:

    VSG…how is the interweb accident investigation coming along? Got enough evidence to convict and hang yet?

    You can’t buy guns…or ammo, there isnt any to be had. You have this backwards (OK, so you have most everything backwards), the time to buy is BEFORE a pandemic or before a retarded Dementia patient and his Ho get into office.

  5. rufusx on January 4, 2021 at 2:54 pm said:

    timetobuy…… you seem to be right on this one. Have been trying to buy slugs for my .410 Marlin for about a year now. None to be had – not anywhere. Not locally, not online.

  6. "Very Stable Genius" on January 4, 2021 at 10:21 pm said:

    Dear timtobuyguns,

    You’re buying guns again, aren’t you?

    As far as the investigation, well, you’ll have to ask your governor the next time she’s in the state. Remember, Janklow had his accident on an August 16th. He was then arrested on an August 29th. Jason had his accident on September 12 and ………. Well, but he did return the deputy sheriff’s personal car, however ….. #Mayberry #AuthoritarianParty #OnePartyState

    ( and Woodstock adds: “Just remember, if you have critics, then you are getting to them”…. )

  7. Fear & Loathing in Sioux Falls on January 4, 2021 at 11:29 pm said:

    A gun without bullets is like a big truck along with a small you know what.

  8. Commonsensesd on January 5, 2021 at 9:12 am said:

    I think, and this is just my opinion, the main reason why folks didn’t show up is because they didn’t know the rally was going to happen. Most people in South Dakota feel the election was full of fraud and just want a chance to hear all sides, not sure if it was poor planning and left leaning local media or what, but if I would have known I would have gone.

    Look folks, if you love President Trump or hate him
    this thing can be settled very easily, allow investigators from both sides to audit machines, software and ballots.
    Review statements, hear sworn testimony, and have the cases brought before both houses of congress and open to the public with FULL transparency of the proceedings for all to see. Its not like our congressman are overworked, I mean really when Obama was in white house thune was having tough guy press conferences with Mitch, Mitt, Mc Cain and Lysney twice a week on fake evening news, you woukd think he would want to get more in the news and on the right side of history or ,hmm is he hiding something.
    Since President Trump took office we all have to ask ,,,,,,where ya been? Anyways enough of that brow beating,
    Congress hasn’t missed a paycheck or a day off throughout the whole scamdemic ,so its time they get after it and do their jobs maybe but in a little extra ,,,like a 30 hour work week..

    On the bright side ,dusty wont have to jump on his procedural self righteous soapbox dreaming up excuses why he cant do anything and thune wont have people asking him where he has been or embarrassing South Dakota by borrowing Uncle Mitches Kentucky coon hunting speech writers to produce his press releases. And we in South Dakota will get a break from feeling sic to our stomachs why we ever voted for these two.

    If they would stop and think about it, they will be forced to vote for truth, they have an excuse for their handlers with promises to screw the taxpayers another day.

    If anything we will give our fine congressman a chance to do the right thing.

  9. I hope you realize that the allegations have been investigated, several times. Sore losers just struggle with accepting a lose. It’s over.

  10. Conservative Here on January 5, 2021 at 1:53 pm said:

    Scott – Speaking of Sore losers is it acceptable for those on the Right to freak out for the next 4 years, do marches, riots, etc and scream not my president for the as we have heard from the Left for 4 years. Can we ascend on Democrat leaders homes and accost them in public and threaten them as well? Can we as Maxine Waters says “get up in their face” for the next 4 years because we dont like or agree with the election.

    Asking for a friend

    I hate to point out the irony and hypocrisy of those who have literally freaked out and impeded this president and Republicans for the last 4 years. I am not saying you in particular have done this but, I find it hilarious that anyone who votes Democrat and melted down for 4 years has the gall to even talk about the other side doing the same thing. I guess I just don’t understand why one said gets to do this stuff but, when the other side starts to do it, now its a bad thing. Very strange I tell ya

  11. "Very Stable Genius" on January 5, 2021 at 2:26 pm said:

    I hope you ALSO realize that the status quo is the law unless you have evidence. You can’t go to court to say: “Say, I think you should look into this”… “I don’t have any evidence, but I think there is something there”… If we could do that, the courts would be inundated with potential lawsuits…

    What you can do, is contact a prosecutor, but they won’t listen to you unless you have evidence upfront. That’s how our system works.

    Only a prosecutor can be “curious”, but it still takes the finding of evidence to further it to an indictment and or grand jury.

    The duty, or burden, within our judicial system is with the accuser and the not the potentially accused.

    Until one is found guilty or libel, it’s the state’s case, or the plaintiff, that is actually on trial.

  12. anominous on January 5, 2021 at 3:00 pm said:

    yellow and black
    on white snow
    tell me what it looks like

  13. D@ily Spin on January 5, 2021 at 4:03 pm said:

    Trump pressuring the GA atty general shows what he’s all about. I’m wondering if he’ll have to be pried out of the Oval Office. The worst loser is a loser who refuses to lose.

  14. D@ily Spin on January 5, 2021 at 4:09 pm said:

    If Trump didn’t throw such a childish fit and stomp on everyone, he could have run again in 4 years. He’s ticked off both political parties and Independants. There’s no hope and he’s out once and for all.

  15. "Very Stable Genius" on January 9, 2021 at 7:08 pm said:


    It reminds me of an old joke about the WH, Pat Nixon, Kissinger, FBI hand signature analysis, and urine. 😉

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