City of Sioux Falls decides to cover Downtown Bunker Ramp wall with large banner that says ‘LAWSUIT PENDING’

Okay, just kidding, but one wonders what is going on.

If you nose around on the local dockets you will see there has not been any set court dates to handle the pending lawsuit with the city and the proposed developer. In other words it seems the city is no further along then they were when this whole fiasco was exposed.

Also, parking revenues are down, so it will be interesting to see how the bonds will be paid for an overbuilt parking ramp that no one has used. I have often suggested they build several floors of studio apartments on the site.

Also, why weren’t there any proposals on decorating the Chernobyl like building?

But lastly, I’m still waiting to hear a formal apology from current and past mayors and councilors who put this fraudulent disaster into motion even after they were warned multiple times that this would turn out to be a pile of poo poo.

If there is one thing city government in Sioux Falls is getting better at it is spending large amounts of our tax dollars on failures. As for necessary infrastructure maintenance, we call on church volunteers.


#1 Fear & Loathing in Sioux Falls on 03.17.21 at 8:41 pm

Maybe they could turn the Bunker Ramp into a leprosy camp like place for those with chronic covid. They could call it the: ‘Noem Center’.

#2 D@ily Spin on 03.18.21 at 9:15 am

Not fair to call this a Noem. She’s got her share of irregularities but this blame goes to Hister (the 3rd antichrist) and councilors at the time. What were you thinking? ‘Build a parking garage and they will come’, funny but not a movie.

#3 Further Fear & Loathing on 03.18.21 at 12:31 pm

Maybe a zombie movie.

#4 Mike Zitterich on 03.21.21 at 2:27 pm

IT will all work out. Lets move on and turn this topic into a positive. Keep in mind, the goal back in the early 1960’s – parking ramps are to remove vehicles from on street parking. It is actually codified in state statutes. We cant fix the past, we can learn from it, and make a better tomorrow. Turn this “ramp” into a positive…