8 Thoughts on “Interesting Accusation about Sioux Falls PD

  1. Very Stable Genius on November 21, 2021 at 3:09 pm said:

    Eight years ago this month, I had an issue involving a family member who was threatened on FB. I contacted the police, initially the officer I talked to didn’t want to do anything about it. But hell, if a threatening letter had been received, wouldn’t they have take an interest? In fact, wouldn’t the postal inspector have even been involved? Well, anyway, after going around and around with the officer, he finally agreed to talk to the one who made the threat on FB, but before he agreed to talk to the accused, he claimed he couldn’t do anything about the incident because of “liberal judges”. Well, I told him I was a liberal, too, and he should do something about it, especially given the letter analogy. Which then changed his tune, but he should have never gone there with that comment. It was very unprofessional and speaks to how some on the force are out there in right field, which is very unfortunate.

    I also think that the recent Rittenhouse acquittal is only going to embolden the far right even more, and if there are police who are cooperative, then watch out. Any thing is possible.

    AND don’t forget, it was our police force who channeled the kids to the Empire Mall rocks. How convenient.

    #BlackLivesMatter #BidenWon! #TrumpsIsAFacist!

  2. "Woodstock" on November 21, 2021 at 3:26 pm said:

    “What about another mannequin challenge?”…. “Would that help?”…. “Maybe while they are standing still we could exercise a ‘hot pursuit’ warrantless entrance of their domiciles looking for ’45 paraphernalia”….. “To weed out the bad ones”…. (…”Man, I just love the fact that weeding is now legal… Well, kind of” … ) …..

  3. Mike Zitterich on November 21, 2021 at 5:28 pm said:

    The 2nd Amendment protects not only me, but my State.

    Article 15 of South Dakota Constitution creates “OUR MILITIA” and thanks to that militia WE THE PEOPLE defend South Dakota from the Federal Government.

    The South Dakota Constitution Article 6 also protects YOUR RIGHT to own any type of Firearm in order to defend yourself, your house, your family, your community, your State from any FOREIGN PERSON from another State, Territory, or Country.

    And South Dakota Law allows “YOU” as a parent grant consent to your minor child to pick up a firearm to defend your property and/or domain.

    And South Dakota was changed in 2021 to allow you to use a Firearm to defend your Home in the event some intruder breaks into your house, you shoot them in the foot, if the person dies because of the foot injury, it is not murder.

    Where am I going with this logic – SELF DEFENSE is OUR committment to protecting the State.

  4. I often remind the 2nd Amendment Nutty Crew that the word ‘regulated’ is in the Amendment, they often give me a puzzled look, as if it was a typo.

  5. The SD Constitution limits the SD Militia membership to able bodied males between the ages of 18 and 45. It also prohibits them from doing anything unless called and directed by the Governor.

  6. Very Stable Genius on November 21, 2021 at 8:04 pm said:

    I am glad to see that Mike is referencing the state constitution on arms rights and not the federal one, when speaking of the right to bear arms. Maybe he’s the first gun advocate who is finally getting it, that prior to the passage of the 14th Amendment in 1867, the federal Bill of Rights didn’t apply to a person unless they found themselves in federal court on a federal issue, and even then, as noted above, the 2nd Amendment merely dealt with the regulation of a militia relative to arms.

  7. what gun would jesus carry, if jesus could carry a gun?

  8. Very Stable Genius on November 22, 2021 at 1:07 pm said:

    It’s called faith. It’s what I carry. Although, I know a priest who carries a Glock.

    ( and Woodstock adds: “A priest that carries a Glock?”… “Is this before or after 28 rounds where fired off on South Minnesota Avenue?”…. )

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