The below document is actually a ‘notice’ to the city that one will be filed next week with the State’s Attorney office. I believe that it refers to presentations during the consent agenda in which the Chair (Mayor TenHaken) did not ask for public input. It was also the responsibility of the City Attorney, the City Clerk and the Chair of the Council, this is why they are mentioned in the complaint.

I also want to clarify, I wasn’t the one who caught this, I missed the part in the meeting when this occurred as I was on a phone call (I watch the meetings live from home). Sierra is the one who actually caught it and took action on her own.

The irony of all this is that I just told the Charter Revision Commission last week that public input at city meetings was broken and needed to be fixed.

Stay tuned, much more to come next week.

16 Thoughts on “Open Meetings Violation Filed against the City of Sioux Falls

  1. Does the side effect of this filing of this filing put in jeopardy the liquor licenses voted on? Any illegal action in the meeting agenda item and then the Council votes on the item puts all other parts of the passage null and void until the Council brings it back and votes on it.

    The City can still bring back the item for a revote, but must be reconsidered as an emergency. Since this was the third meeting of the month, the Council will be required to vote on the license renewals again after with proper notice is given.

    Last year there was an issue and the Council had to hold a special meeting in order to grant the licenses.

    The mayor, city attorney, clerk and council chair blew it bad, as usual.

  2. In reviewing the exhibit C of agenda item 12, 255 license will not be able to sell legally liquor or use their video lottery machines soon. What a screw-up by the experienced screw-up crew.

    Maybe that’s the plan of the dutch mafia leader?

  3. Very Stable Genius on November 19, 2021 at 10:15 pm said:

    Good! The arrogance of this current regime shows how sad our politics have become. Our current mayor will be reelected with a very comfortable margin, but all he has to show for it is a very successful social media presence, some flooding, three tornadoes in one night, some comfy seats at the State Theater, and a chicken sandwich. When we live in such a world, then political leaders become even more arrogant and flippant about the rule of law and laws like the open meetings law then become broken.

  4. "Woodstock" on November 19, 2021 at 10:19 pm said:

    “Don’t forget about the trucker hat for tornadoes and wearing a tie for Denny, and for Zoom calls with a former president, too”…

  5. Fear & Loathing in Sioux Falls on November 19, 2021 at 10:29 pm said:

    I miss the John King AirPods days. They were the best.

  6. Further Fear & Loathing on November 19, 2021 at 10:41 pm said:

    “AirPods Days” could replace GermanFest. We’ll replace the beer steins with the help of dispensaries, but keep the lederhosen to complement the dangling AirPods. A hat with a feather and bright suspenders might look good, too, after a trip to handle ones pain.

  7. D@ily Spin on November 19, 2021 at 11:15 pm said:

    This might only be a slap on the wrist. What’s valuable is (in the future) the city should conform with proper procedure rather than face a lengthy violation hearing process. The complaint method sounds like a good way to take apart some city deception.

  8. Sierra Broussard on November 20, 2021 at 8:56 am said:


  9. Fearing the Fuhrer & More on November 20, 2021 at 11:42 am said:

    I came up with a brilliant idea. What if we arranged a duel between that Rittenhouse kid and OJ? #MayTheBestManWin

  10. D@ily Spin on November 20, 2021 at 11:44 am said:

    Sierra deserves applause. Perhaps there’s a class action here or otherwise.
    It’s true TenHaken isn’t distinguished except for his kids club. I’m voting for Zokaites because I learned to spell his name.

  11. you can’t vote for david z if he doesn’t get enough signatures to get on the ballet.

  12. Agitator on November 20, 2021 at 7:10 pm said:

    The misgivings of the mayor and his cronies – is the local media-TV,radio, and the Argus afraid to cover these meetings and report this crap or are they controlled by the mayor? I tried to find out what happened to the FEMA from the tornado 2years ago and the mayors reply to the council member is that he wouldn’t say and that is federal tax money. Somehow these incompetent people got to be exposed publically,

  13. On further research the 2 items Pat Starr moved to the regular agenda allowed the other 254 liquor licenses to be voted on and they ended up being approved. The only revotes required would be on Dr. Chima vaccine approval and the David’s Bar license.

  14. Mike Lee Zitterich on November 21, 2021 at 4:26 pm said:

    Has this ever happened before in Sioux Falls, where the COUNCIL was forced to bring back the discussion and re-vote on the issue(s)?

  15. Sick of Fearing on November 21, 2021 at 8:34 pm said:

    Well, under Munson, the council once had to approve an expenditure, which Munson already spent. I think Biden should try the same with Build Back Better.

  16. Revote? on November 22, 2021 at 8:05 am said:

    Yes MLZ there is a process

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