Downtown Sioux Falls Nelson Park is the new day drinking place to be

As I mentioned a few days ago, Nelson Park’s green space north of the pool is now the new drinking hangout. If you stroll thru the park you will see clothes in the trees, empty food and beer containers, people passed out or drinking. This is why they put the banner on the pool fence.

Also, you can apparently do your laundry under the Arc of Dreams in the Big Sioux. And yes, this lady was washing her clothes in the river. I heard the E-Coli gets out stains.


#1 scott on 06.08.22 at 3:56 pm

don’t worry, the task force will take care of this.

#2 anonymous on 06.08.22 at 4:21 pm

As I was traveling north on Cliff Avenue just east of Drake Springs Pool earlier this afternoon, a patrol car had a young Native American male stopped on the sidewalk. Much to my surprise a second patrol car pulled up driven by the Chief of Police.

And, at the parking lot just north of the gas station at 10th and Cliff, there were 3 more patrol cars with 6 officers standing outside their vehicles…..

I wonder what requires the Chief of Police, 4 cars and 8 officers!!?

#3 D@ily Spin on 06.08.22 at 6:30 pm

Maybe police were doing their laundry. Thanks a lot. You gave away the camp site. Now it must be moved to under the bridges or 8th and Railroad.

#4 Theocratic Republic of SD on 06.08.22 at 6:59 pm

What perfume are you wearing? Big Sioux River.

All those AG runoff chemicals, feces and dead animal carcusses may mix into a cocktail that could be an interesting detergent. Could either build up immune systems or destroy them.

Republican Cities in a dark red state. You gotta love them.

#5 Very Stable Genius on 06.08.22 at 7:41 pm

This lady who is doing her third world laundry in the Big Sioux near the Arc of Dreams, isn’t that quite near the place that big-wigs are having their names etched into memoriam due to their accomplishments and achievements, in their time, in local economic development for the betterment of the many? #TaleOf2Cities

#6 Fear & Loathing in Sioux Falls on 06.08.22 at 7:43 pm

No wonder the Falls has so much suds.

#7 Further Fear & Loathing on 06.08.22 at 7:48 pm

As far as the drinking in the park, well, the Loopers had to go somewhere (Someday?). Else, they hang in the Western Mall parking lot at night.

#8 My Mistake Mike on 06.09.22 at 8:07 am

They’ve been congregating at Nelson Park for years. It’s a short commute to their panhandling corner at 10th & Cliff.

While sitting through a traffic light at 10th & Fairfax a couple years back, I was entertained by a drunk couple having hot sex on a picnic table. You can’t unsee that.

But, don’t fear. They will have to find new loitering grounds once the million-dollar-skatepark begins construction there. Stay tuned.

#9 Fearing the Fuhrer & More on 06.09.22 at 10:08 am

“Arc of Dreams Detergent: The best way to white wash a community of stains”…. “And now available in extra-strength, too, to fight those blightful stains which make you just TIF”…..

#10 Sick of Fearing on 06.09.22 at 3:23 pm

Does the city ever clean the picnic tables, or do they just rely upon the rain to do it?

#11 The Guy From Guernsey on 06.10.22 at 12:16 pm

Peasants and vagrants washing their clothes in the river within the aspirational reach of the Arc of Dreams.
Exactly to the “vision” of the Bougie Backslappers in the Sioux Falls Society of Mutual Self-Congratulations, innit?

#12 "Woodstock" on 06.10.22 at 9:38 pm

“Say, which do you think would look better on a guys resume?”…. “The Taupe Housing Society of Conformity?”…. “Or, the Sioux Falls Society of Mutual Self-Congratulations?”….

#13 Fear Not! on 06.10.22 at 9:40 pm

And to think that I ate at one of those picnic tables the other night…. Food!

#14 My Mistake Mike on 06.12.22 at 10:15 pm

How does someone drink themselves to death at one of the busiest intersections in Sioux Falls?

#15 anominous on 06.14.22 at 3:32 pm

dont that park look like a good spot for lifelight

#16 LJL on 06.15.22 at 9:59 pm

Well with this group of fools running our country, we’re going to need a bigger homeless park.

You dummies wanted this.