I guess the owner of the house was NOT to happy about this and I believe it was taken down. Someone else put it up as a joke. Probably enough there to take the whole family to Burger King.

By l3wis

9 thoughts on “House that City of Sioux Falls wants to demolish had a Go Fund me page”
  1. “That’s a great idea!”….. “We should do one of these to complete the Bunker Ramp project”….. #ShesFinallyDone! 🙂

  2. How can someone write as much as you, and still not master the difference between to and too?

  3. The grammar cop is back…. (…. “But I still want to know whatever happened to the Anti-Quotation Boy, however”……. Perhaps, the AQB has decided to not be, rather than to be” …. )

  4. How about a class action court case against city government? A ‘100k go fund me’ would show public support. Strong Mayor Charter is a ‘One Sioux Falls dictator’. Democracy must inevitably be restored.

  5. The financial report typically comes out April 1s5, they arr most likely still in the end of year accounting stage yet. And still many of yoy questioning the charter still do not comprehend the charter let alone even read it

  6. Mike, you ok? I mean, you’ve always spewed nonsense, but now you can’t spell? 1s5? Arr? Yoy?

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