The day after the bridge funding was approved by city council a foot soldier told me that the price overrun was odd to him considering this is just a deck replacement. I asked him what he meant. It was his understanding that since the bridge isn’t that old (I think constructed in the 70’s) that the piers would remain and they are simply replacing the deck like they did with the 8th street bridge.

I didn’t want to jump the gun on that prediction so I have been watching the demolition and noticed the preservation of the piers and according to this media report, that is the case;

That’s to build cofferdams to protect parts of the piers in the river that will be reused

So for a $10 million cost overrun we are not even getting a total bridge replacement? The taxpayers are certainly going down a certain creek without a paddle.


Speaking of speculative book keeping, the city finance department has yet to release it’s audited or even unaudited 2022 financials. Usually there is a report to city council and the public by March of the following year.

Another foot soldier speculated to me that maybe the reason we haven’t seen it is because the mayor’s office is trying to figure out how they are going to explain the massive reserves the city coffers are nesting on.

Maybe we should institute the 1st Annual Sioux Falls Pothole Day Saturday April 1st and any citizen that volunteers for 8 hours on that day to fill potholes will receive $100 cash and a Sioux Falls ONE pin. That would be a quick way to spend some of that moldy money.

7 Thoughts on “6th Street Bunker Bridge starter kit

  1. Steve on March 27, 2023 at 7:03 pm said:

    That’s interesting about the massive reserves. I’ll bet Mayor no-tie would like to figure a way to get that into his campaign coffers, for his continued political ambition of course.

  2. Roberta on March 28, 2023 at 1:27 pm said:

    I’ll participate only if I can get a selfie with the mayor.

  3. Mike Lee Zitterich on March 28, 2023 at 1:50 pm said:

    The Reserves are manufactured, we put in our charter that we must save or restrict 25% of our Tax Dollars each year so we hold back funds each year. Population growth increases our revenues by itself…the City holds many assets (land, property, Infrastructure, etc) that after all expenses, payable, debts, liabilities, obligations, etc are paid, and receivables collected, tge land owners/real property holders of the land area are worth $2.5 Billion Dollars. This is why they encourage each other to to invest in new roads, Infrastructure, buildings, land, etc, cause it creates wealth for tge LAND OWNERS of whom get paid if the city should ever be dissolved. That does not happen until residency drops below 250 residents. That will not happen anytime soon by how we manage the city to the point wr attract 4000 new residents a year.

  4. Gaye Wead on March 28, 2023 at 2:39 pm said:

    Will you be okay with a sweaty one?

  5. anominous on March 28, 2023 at 2:56 pm said:

    heres hoping they put in some exitless bike-crushing neckdowns just like the new 8th street bridge approaches.

  6. Mike Lee Zitterich on March 28, 2023 at 4:41 pm said:

    First off, 23 million covers other things nit just the bridge. And secondly, the Financials comes put on April 1st when you can get a copy. They are in the end of accounting phase.

    Sioux Falls is a wealthy city the Landowners and Property Horders are collectively worth $2.5 billion.

    According to the 2022 book after all expenses, debts, liabilities, obligations, payable. Including collecting ad much of tge Collectiblesad possible. Leaves the land owners/property holders with nearly 2.5 billion.

    This is why the city continues to invest in land, infrastructure , buildings, new roads, mixed use development, etc.

    IF should we ever dissolve the Town one day, each of those land owners, property holders remaining behind would het a hefty return on their investment.

    The true power behind the city lies inbtge townships, homesteads, farmstead, Subdivisions. THE land would returned to tge likes of East Sioux Falls. South Sioux Falls, West Sioux Falls, to split Rock Township. Delapre, Wayne, Mapleton townships, let alone tge smaller family homesteads- tuttles, axtels , Lyons, Brookings, pettigrews, van eps, Phillips, and any other land claim holder under the 1841 and 1865 Homestead acts…

    The 2.5 billion is proportioned back to tge land owners, property holders based on ownership status, or rank.

    But, this does not happen unless we get celow 250 residents.

  7. Steve on March 28, 2023 at 7:07 pm said:

    Mike, I think you turned off spell check.

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