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Please let’s stop pretending we care about REAL gun control


This is an excellent article about gun control;

Americans do a great job of proclaiming our collective shock and outrage when some nut for the gazillionth time opens fire on a crowd of innocent bystanders at a movie theater, a college, a high school, a museum, or a post office, but at some point, if we aren’t going to do anything about it, maybe it’s time we stopped the charade of pretending we actually care.

How many times does someone have to drown in front of us, while we do nothing (and, instead, actually enable the death), before it’s time to conclude that perhaps we are part of the problem?

Like I have said in the past, I support 2nd Amendment rights. What I don’t support is making it too easy for people to get guns. Before you are allowed to drive, you must first pass a test. What test do gun owners have to pass about safety and proper handling of guns? And seriously, may I am ignorant to such a test existing, but I can’t find one.

This is a song about gun violence, that almost got censored at the Supersucker’s concerts after Columbine. Because, you know, songs kill people, not guns.

Gun toters applaud the mayor

“Hey, I forgot to bring the hot dogs for a picnic, but I did remember the heat.” (Image: KELO-TV screenshot)

Like I have said in the past, I support 2nd Amendment rights. While some may applaud the mayor for changing this policy, he really had no choice;

And the group is happy you can also go to the ball diamond and the bike trails, even the decision was made because previous policy stood on shaky legal legs.

But hey, pretty soon we are going to challenge those ‘shaky legs’ with a text ban. Oh boy.

2nd Amendment supporters have a gun brandishing picnic

I think I am going to host a 1st Amendment supporter picnic. There will be one rule though, every sentence you speak has to have a cuss word in it, for example, “Pass me the f’ing hot dog buns, Goddammit!” or “Man, this Coke is colder then a well diggers ass.” You get the idea. I might even invite the 2nd Amendment supporters to come! “Hey, piece of sh*t, why don’t you put your gun down for two f’ing seconds and hand me a bag of chips.”

They seem like a fun bunch, paranoia and all;

“But if people do see us while we are out and about, we hope that they will see that law-abiding citizens can carry a firearm for their and their family’s protection in a responsible and safe manner,”

Yeah, because Sioux Falls is so unsafe!

I have lived in Sioux Falls for over 20 years, and I have never been attacked and I have never carried a weapon. Remember the last time stray bullets went flying in a neighborhood it was the SFPD that was firing them. If you think you need a gun to feel safe in SF, I suggest you quit your job as a C-Store or Casino clerk.

Gun kooks are pretty bad ass when they can threaten cops anonymously

I took a screenshot of this before the Argue Endorser takes down the comments from this story;

WOW! Threatening cops on a public forum. Real classy. And gun rights people wonder why we call them ‘Nuts’? I support 2nd Amendment rights, but for all the right reasons. Once you stop permitting citizens to have guns the only people with them are military, authorities and criminals. Gun rights are important, but some people think that we live in such a dangerous world we should be locked and loaded at all times. This isn’t Kandahar, Afghanistan folks, this is podunck, South Dakota where most people use guns on critters. I haven’t met one single police officer who says they are itching to pop someone off, in fact, most would like to avoid the use of firearms at all costs. Do I think there are some police who abuse their power, sure, but I have never experienced them threatening me with a firearm.

I think representative Hunhoff said it best;

“It’s a brilliant marketing technique,” said Bernie Hunhoff, a Democratic state representative from Yankton. “(Obama) has not made any move to regulate gun ownership. That’s something that’s been pushed by Glenn Beck and G. Gordon Liddy.”

and Ben Nesselhuf adds;

The concern about gun control is more about political fundraising for pro-gun groups such as the National Rifle Association than political reality, Nesselhuf said.

“That’s how they make their money – by scaring people into worrying about things that aren’t going to happen,” Nesselhuf said.

If Democrats are so concerned about guns and violence why do they continue to vote for funding of the wars in the middle east. Here’s the deal, nobody is taking your guns away. Get over it.

Never thought I would see the day that I agree with Northside Davey

But he is absolutely spot on about this idiotic legislation (From KELO-TV);

A controversial gun bill making its way through the South Dakota legislature could shoot holes in policies designed to protect the public. 

HB1278 says no town, county or township can restrict where someone can carry a gun. And that’s not sitting well with some. 

The sign on the door at Sioux Falls’ City Hall says no firearms allowed. But if a new gun bill passes in the legislature, this sign and others on city property would have to come down. 

“To me, that’s not good legislation,” Sioux Falls Mayor Dave Munson said. 

Munson calls it a ridiculous bill that should be shot down. 

“My biggest problem is I really don’t think people should carry weapons on city property,” Munson said.

Including the Arena, where thousands gather for events. 

“What would happen if that goes off accidentally or on purpose?  You’d have a stampede that you wouldn’t believe,” Munson said. 

Sioux Falls has had an executive order banning weapons from city property since 1995. 

But supporters of the bill are locked and loaded ready to fight to make sure the bill passes.  Representative Don Kopp of Rapid City says it’s a constitutional right to carry a gun with a permit. 

“There’s no way in state law that a municipality or township or county have the authority to excerpt state law that was issued in 1983 that is designed to keep the gun law uniform around the state of South Dakota,” Kopp said.

Kopp says even the strongest gun laws in the world can’t stop someone from committing a crime. 

“The only people that do these types of things are people who aren’t going to bother to get a permit,” Kopp said. 

The bill already has won approval in the House on a vote of 46-20 and is now in the Senate.

The 2nd Amendment DOES give you the right to own and operate a firearm, but it DOES NOT give you the right to endanger others. This is simply a public safety policy. Remember in Atlanta a couple of years back what happens when people bring guns into a courtroom. This isn’t the wild west stop being hillbillies and get some real work done in Pierre.