Now that the vote is over.

As the Argus Leader points out, Mr. Lloyd is developing in the area where some new roads will be built, the same guy who contributed to Jamison’s, Litz’s and Brown’s campaigns this year. Even throwing a fundraiser for Brown at his house.

To the north, on Benson Road, the city plans a $2.8 million arterial from Interstate 29 to Career Avenue. Eventually, it will extend west past Marion Road.Craig Lloyd, who has developed office and commercial buildings on the south side of Benson Road, says there are 3,000 to 4,000 people already employed in the area. Another call center is going in next year, and the two-lane road can’t handle the traffic.

He also believes that growth reduces property taxes. Property taxes NEVER go down, they only rise, and continue to rise in Sioux Falls, one more reason why people are buying houses in Tea, Harrisburg and Baltic instead of Sioux Falls.

Developers and members of the city’s building community spent more than a year putting the package together and getting it through the political process. Lloyd, who marshaled about two-dozen supporters for last week’s council meeting, said it would be a mistake to assume that developers and builders supported the increases out of self-interest.

New roads will open more areas to development, Lloyd said. But that growth helps lower the property tax burden for all residents. Without growth, Lloyd said, the burden will increase for residents.

Then he goes on to say how he deserves to be heard. Yet he never approached the podium even once during Monday night’s meeting. But he got former city planner Steve Metli to go up and vouch for him. 

Lloyd said he’s tired of the implication that he and other supporters of the package were up against “the citizens of Sioux Falls.” “Last time I checked, I’m a citizen,” he said. “I pay taxes. I support the community. Am I a second-rate citizen?”

No, you are not – but we are.

According to 2008 campaign financial statements combined of Litz, Jamison, Brown and Anderson the following special interest contribution amounts were made to the four candidates (

Individual  Developer Contributions: $7,500

Housing PAC contributions: $5,750

Realtor PAC contributions: $1,500

Attorney PAC contributions: $400

Telecommunication PAC contributions: $250

Individual contractor/building supplier contributions: $900

Litz got the biggest cut of the money at  $6,100 and Anderson got the least at $500. With Jamison in at 2nd and Brown in at 3rd place.

My family and I think this is what our city leaders have in mind in NEEDING to raise the sales tax in Sioux Falls so please vote for the tax raise as we (Uncle Rusty and Grumps don’t agree but will not speak up at city hall because they think the coffee and cookies are poisoned by Vernal Brownie – what a pair of paranoids they are) think these Clayface Jamison (not related to current council member Bob Jamison, Jr. so no ethics whinyness needed here, SodaPopsickle) and Bob Gnats developers need better artery streets on their new development projects to ensure financial gains as the article below states.

More pointless development – YEAH!

Sport Mart / Grafonola's Records

Grampa Grumps Gumption used to work at this rural-urban center business (see photo of him outside selling merchandise in a high-spirited manner to city-slickers), and it is still “booming” thanks to the steady sales tax that the city of Sioux Falls has collected from loyal citizens for thousands of years to help beautiful Sioux Falls rural-urban centers prosper like this one. Most of my family are looking forward to living in and shopping at the new visionary Jamison & Gnats rural-urban center, and we owe it to them by paying higher taxes for their projects/profits because our council members represent us and vote for what’s best for us. THAT is why we sleep well for most of the night…


EggBert Tib. Fr. Ich. Go.


“It’s a little disheartening. I ran for public office to try and help Sioux Falls and move Sioux Falls forward and do a good thing and this kind of shines a dim light on the work we’re up to.  And it’s a little set back, it’s a little annoying when you see the headlines that are out there because a lot of people don’t read past the headlines but I’m not shakened by this. I’m still confident I’m doing the right thing and that Sioux Falls has a great group of people on the city council and the future is very bright.” – Jamison

It seems some councilors think they are guilty of something, not the case at all, I wanted a clear opinion – that’s it. If Greg wants to blame someone blame himself. I gave him and Bob an opportunity to resolve this internally, instead they pleaded to the media they weren’t guilty of anything.

I did not go to the proceedings today, because I stated my case clearly on the opinion form. This is about the law, and defining it, plain and simple.

Call me crazy, but I expect integrity out of our elected officials. That’s it. I don’t want to have cookies with you, I don’t want to hang out with you, I just want you to do the right thing.

“It will create jobs” – SF Developer

Is this the standard argument for raising taxes? Dumb. I have lived in SF for 17 years, since when building roads and housing developments in cornfields ‘Created jobs?’ Sorry, there is a big difference between creating jobs, and creating careers.

Want people to live and work in Sioux Falls? Want to create economic development? Stop building new roads and start building ecomonmic development centered around green energy development.


BTW, the best parts of this article are at the end. Costello’s quote is priceless;

For Staggers, the vote on the second penny is part of a broader topic that he hopes is an issue in 2010. The city has been on a “spending spree for several years,” he said.

“We’ll just have to wait and see how this plays out in future elections,” he said. “It’s difficult to say. But in 2010, that will probably be an issue.”

Staggers, who also opposes the fee increases, concedes that developers might not support candidates who voted against the package.

“I think there could be some kind of impact,” he said. “But at the same time, would a candidate have received their support in the first place? In many cases, no.”

Costello has met with developers to explain his position and show them the city’s budget.

Developers have been told the tax increase will be dedicated to new roads, but Costello says it’s a “shell game. It’s false security.” That’s because there’s nothing stopping a mayor or council from diverting the money to something else.