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Jamison puts out ‘clever’ Ad

District 12 Legislative Candidate, Bob Benson


This is one of the most fascinating interviews I have listened to in a long time. Bob may not talk about policy too much, but his life story and view on politics is interesting. Bob is the father of editorial cartoonist Tim Benson.

Another SD Republican bails before finishing their term

Just another Republican QUITTER

Here they go again, playing their little games. Resigning before their term is up so the governor can appoint a FAKE incumbent. This is beginning to get a little ridiculous;

South Dakota State Senator Mark Johnston is resigning. Governor Dennis Daugaard made the announcement Thursday morning.

Johnston has served as a state senator since 2011. He is resigning to accept a position with Sanford Health as Vice President of Health Policy.

Mark already works for Sanford and has been voting for their self-interests all along, how would this position change anything he has already been doing in the state legislature? This early resignation crap has got to end. I think if any politician resigns before their term is up there should be a special election not a governor’s hand picked crony.

A movie suggestion to Jerstad; America vs. Larry Flynt

A word to the wise; don’t mess with people’s constitutional rights, it can come back to bite you in the ass;

Sandy Jerstad says, “Well obviously you know I think that he did it to get back at me for writing legislature to regulate that kind of business and I would like to see it taken down, but I am not sitting around worrying about it.”

How is he getting back at you Sandy, he had such kind words;

Eliason says, “They do a lot to make South Dakota a better place to live. And it’s important we show that year round, not just at election time.”

Hide your vibrators and Viagra, there’s a new sheriff in town

Worst TV commercial of the Election cycle

There has been some pretty silly TV commercials in this election cycle – especially the district races. but I think Sandy Jerstad’s latest ad takes the cake. She is sitting on a porch in TEA, and talks about how she wishes she lives there, but even though she does not, she will still represent them. Huh? But the best part is when she starts talking about issues important Tea-rites. She mentions Olivia’s adult superstore then jumps to Medicare. What?! Porno shops and Elderly care. Worst segway ever.

First off, I know Sandy is registered as a Democrat, but she ain’t no Democrat, nor is she a Republican. Not sure what party or planet she is from.

As for Olivia’s, it is NOT a MAJOR ISSUE, you made it into a major issue Sandy. The 1st and 14th Amendments protect adults to visit that store whenever they want to. And if you disapprove of dildos and girly mags, I suggest you don’t go there.

Why Manny Steele scares the crap out of me

The Gargoyle Leader interviewed District 12 House candidates today.

I think Greg Kniffen knows what he is talking about;

Share your reasons for running for the Legislature. I chose to run for the state House because I felt the issues concerning South Dakota were not being addressed adequately; Too much time during our short legislative session is spent on moral issues that end up dividing our state. We need to work on issues that can really make a difference to our citizens.

But Manny Steele has some ideas all his own;

Share your reasons for running for the Legislature; I want to be an active part of the decision-making process that creates the laws of our state. These decisions affect everyone in South Dakota, including my children and grandchildren. Part of my Christian walk is being a servant to others, and that is my goal.

Hey, Manny! What does your Christianity have to do with being a legislator? As a legislator you are expected to follow the State and U.S. Constitution first. I get so tired of lawmakers injecting their religion into legislating.