Just another Republican QUITTER

Here they go again, playing their little games. Resigning before their term is up so the governor can appoint a FAKE incumbent. This is beginning to get a little ridiculous;

South Dakota State Senator Mark Johnston is resigning. Governor Dennis Daugaard made the announcement Thursday morning.

Johnston has served as a state senator since 2011. He is resigning to accept a position with Sanford Health as Vice President of Health Policy.

Mark already works for Sanford and has been voting for their self-interests all along, how would this position change anything he has already been doing in the state legislature? This early resignation crap has got to end. I think if any politician resigns before their term is up there should be a special election not a governor’s hand picked crony.

A word to the wise; don’t mess with people’s constitutional rights, it can come back to bite you in the ass;

Sandy Jerstad says, “Well obviously you know I think that he did it to get back at me for writing legislature to regulate that kind of business and I would like to see it taken down, but I am not sitting around worrying about it.”

How is he getting back at you Sandy, he had such kind words;

Eliason says, “They do a lot to make South Dakota a better place to live. And it’s important we show that year round, not just at election time.”