Once again, Sarhoid Palin proves to be an idiot.

Sarah Palin arrived in North Carolina Sunday by way of Asheville. She was slated to have a much-touted dinner with Franklin Graham and his father Billy. While this is a video made by a fan (so pardon the drippiness) it does provide a good view of the plane she arrived on…and the call number. You may also see some “interesting” dynamics at play:

“Linda, Thought I would let you know. The plane Sarah flew in to Asheville had the N number 262SP. The SP does not stand for Sarah Palin but the plane is owned by Samaritans Purse. I checked it out at the FAA registry. Wonder if that plane is being used at Rochester and other book signing destinations? Samaritan donations being put to good use to haul Palin’s carcass around.”

As if that was not interesting enough, he wrote back later:

Tried to check the flight activity for this airplane (N262SP) at Flightwise.com. The flight activity for this plane is blocked by the owner. Guess he doesn’t want anyone to know where he is flying. This is a good site to track an airplane’s activity. Might come in handy for checking the use of AK state airplanes.

Yup, especially those Alaska planes now leased by Samaritan’s Purse up here.

It seems that one must apply to have their plane’s schedule made “private” and in doing so, a reason must be provided. I’d love to see the reason Franklin Graham gave for blocking access.

Plane Gulfstream 2_dbb9e


Like a freaking gift from (COW) Pasture DooHickey’s Gawd, an early Christmas gift for South Dakota’s snarkiest blogger;

Palin will be at Barnes & Noble on Sunday, Dec. 6, at 5 p.m. to sign copies of “Going Rogue: An American Life.” The book is about her journey from ordinary citizen to becoming the governor of Alaska and a vice presidential candidate in 2008. It also lays out her vision for the future of the United States.

While I find this visit invigorating, doubt she will show. Sarah has a rep for that, I guess . . . But if she does come, I promise to stand in line to get picts of the freak followers and hopefully she will sign my copy of Hustler’s ‘Who’s Naylin’ Paylin’ (google it, I’m not providing a link you perverted Senor Wiener)