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Dr. (?) Anti-choice lashes out at the Majority

Poor Allen, he had to call in the whaabulance. Wasn’t this the identical letter he wrote last time they lost? I wonder if he had to pay the Gargoyle Leader a archival fee to get it out of the vault?

There are many who say the battle to save the lives of the unborn should end. It’s divisive. It’s emotional. But is the issue settled?

Hey, Allen, it has been settled for a long time. And since Obama will probably appoint liberal judges and his new Secretary of HHS probably despises you, it’s probably safe to retire.

A majority of the U.S. Supreme Court in 1857 said certain human beings based on the color of their skin were not completely human.

So you are comparing the majority of SD voters to the Supreme Court of 1857? Man, Allen, you are so civically insightful. Sorry Al, but slaves are different then fertilized eggs. Ever try to get a fertilized egg to pick cotton for you? Kinda hard.

The U.S. Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals this year ruled that a mother is destroying the life of a separate, unique, living human being.

And there you go again, shooting holes in your own argument. Kinda sounds like the Majority got it right and the courts got it wrong. Too bad that measure you were pushing ‘Jail to Judges’ didn’t pass so we could put these justices away for their foolish ruling? Huh?

The Declaration of Independence guarantees the “inalienable” (God-given) right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I agree 100%, but I don’t think you are interpreting it correctly. A fetus is attached to a woman until birth. A child doesn’t receive a name, a birth certificate, American citizenship or a social security number until it is BORN. Until you change that, the above right does not apply to fetuses.

We live in an experiment called self-government. No other country has allowed people to govern themselves. But the big debate our forefathers had was, “Are we virtuous enough to self-govern?” John Adams said.

Democracy is the greatest form of government ever. Yes it’s messy, but when done right it provides equality to every citizen. It seems you would prefer facism or theocracy? If so, time to pack the family jewels Al and move to the middle east (take Janklow with you).

Unruh; Stop Beating a Dead Horse

Kranz from the Gargoyle Leader has column on it; Even the Pro-Life weirdos are jumping ship;

Kathy Miles, D-Sioux Falls, state senator-elect from District 15, takes a strong pro-life position, but after the defeat of Initiated Measure 11, she worries the issue never will go away.

“I hear some people say they are tired of it. I am not sure what voters want right now. When you look at the amount of money spent to save babies in ICUs and, on the other hand, we are killing babies, we are sending mixed messages,” Miles said. “What are we going to do?”

Hey, Kathy, think about the $3 million spent on the campaign, how many kids could that have fed and clothed or at least educated about sex and birth control. What a concept!

At least one politician campaigning for re-election had found some confused voters. State Rep. Deb Peters, R-Sioux Falls, went door-to-door campaigning in her bid for re-election. She listened to a lot of people discuss their thoughts, including ones about the abortion measure.

“I had a lot of folks I visited with saying they were surprised about the abortion issue being on the ballot,” Peters said.

Especially since if it would have passed, it would not have stopped one single abortion!

I think Republican Joel Rosenthal sums it up pretty good;

The issue becomes more challenging for the pro-life faction with a pro-choice Democratic president-elect soon to be sworn in, he said.

“It is unlikely more pro-life judges will be appointed in the next four years,” Rosenthal said.

Pastor DooHickey seems to think I’m doing cartoons about him? Don’t flatter yourself.


The Resemblance is Striking

He posted the below toon on his site without my permission, and seems to think the cartoon is about him, yet no where do I use his name or the name of his blog.

Local cartoonist Scott Ehrisman decided to feature me again today in a post titled Pastor Denial. At one point a few months ago some were suggesting he was infatuated with me – that kept him quiet for a couple months. I’m definately an enigma to him and his cartoon here reveals his confusion.

But it gets better, Mr. wipe his butt with the 1st and 14th Amendment calls himself a constitutionalist; I split my side reading that.

Ehrisman is all over the map on this one – I’m one who holds the Constitution in the highest regard – he’s the h8r, not me. But, whatever. 

I also enjoyed this comment, now he needs to judge people on the music they listen to and the band shirts they wear.

What do we expect from one whose favorite band has an CD called incesticide and he’s proud to have a t-shirt of the CD cover.

Steve, I’m no Kurt Cobain scholar, but I am assuming the word incesticide, something I’m sure Kurt made up, is a ANTI-INCEST statement. Just a wild guess. But I forgot, your type thinks it is okay for young girls to be subjected to having their sick rapist relative’s babies. Because hey, nothing like being forced to have the child of your uncle who raped you, because it is morrally the right thing to do.

I also enjoyed the comments of his Jim Jones like followers about me, very Christian like.

“ehrisman is just a bitter, lousy artist with nothing better to do.”

“I googled his name and NOTHING popped up, notta, zippo, zero. The guys an idiot, he’s got the talking points down, and he probably didn’t come up with that on his own either. Not to mention he’s got your hair parted down the wrong side and he calls himself an artist.”

“South DaCola is proof that the computer labs at middle schools are open extended hours.”

The collar and image is merely a form of symbolism, sorry you can’t see it, and sorry the pastor sybolism I used just happened to look like every other wacko-wannabe evangelist in this country.

Shouldn’t you be setting up shop in some small African country?


Pastor Denial

Does this look like a fertilized egg to you?

Letter writer makes a good point

This letter writer makes a good point;

A recent poll was conducted in which 86 percent of South Dakotans responded that they were Christian. Either the vast majority of Christians in this state failed to vote on Initiated Measure 11, or they did not vote according to the guiding light of the Christian faith: the Bible.

I would also like to add that they voted to keep video lottery, a great burden on the taxpayers of this state, not a benefit. They also voted to keep the food tax in our state, another burden on low income families. I often find that though South Dakotans may call themselves ‘Christians’ by a majority, they are something entirely different in the voting booth.

I would also like to point out that many pastors and churches came out against Measure 11 because they knew if it passed it wouldn’t prevent one single abortion.

And now the Catholic Church wants to control policy in an Obama White House. Good Luck.

Why did Measure 11 fail?

Most would think that Measure 11 failed because 55% of the voters are pro-choice. I have a feeling that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I think people in South Dakota that would consider themselves ‘prochoice’ is a pretty small percentage, I think most people fit into a grey area like myself. Though personally pro-life, I still think women have the right to choose. So does that make me pro-choice? Not sure.  I think a lot of South Dakotans fit into that category.

I was surprised as anyone that Measure 11 failed. I thought for sure it would either pass or at least be a very close vote. But once I started thinking about it, I came to some conclusions that may explain why South Dakotans rejected it.

This is how I think the vote broke down, and obviously it is not scientific, just pulled out of my butt.

          Actual self-proclaimed pro-choicers probably made up a small percentage of the vote, but still a significant number. Most of these people are probably long time feminists or young single college aged girls.

          Personally prolife but actually prochoice were probably the biggest voting bloc. Probably on the fence, though they may personally disagree with abortion for themselves, they do not want the government deciding for other people.

          Hardcore pro-lifers I would assume voted against IM11 because they still think a total ban is the way to go (no exceptions).

          The medical community, especially doctors and nurses that work in women’s health probably voted NO in large percentages because they don’t want government intrusion in medical decisions. One person even pointed out that if the ban passed it may also be in violation of HIPPA laws.

          Another group that may have participated is people who want small government, though they may loathe abortion as a practice, they may think that government overseeing who can and cannot have abortions isn’t a good idea.

          My last group may surprise you; Cheapskates. These are people who realized that if IM11 passed there would be a very long drawn out court case that South Dakota taxpayers would have to pay for, and ultimately the ban would never take effect anyway because it would be tied up in the courts  for years.

Any others I missed?

Cuckoo Bird Letter of the Day

Apparently if you voted for Obama, McCain or NO on 11 you are a murderer. That’s a lot of people;

“No, Barack Obama and John McCain are both child-killing socialists. ”

“This makes him a murderer by even the pro-choice definition of murder. Yet 170,884 South Dakotans gave him their stamp of approval in Tuesday’s election. Apparently, genocide is OK . . .”

I’m surprised weirdos like this know how to hold a pen. I think the Gargoyle Leader opinion page editors need to use their brains before printing this kind of crap.

Eastern South Dakota’s Neo-con, Anti-choice mouthpiece wasn’t very successful

I’ve been saying this past election cycle that the KCPO local political talk show ‘The Facts’ has just been a mouthpiece for the SD GOP. The one time they let someone from the other side on the show, Jan Nicolay, she gets pumelled by everyone’s favorite cartoonist turned book illustrator, turned plagiarist, turned TV host, Jason FolkArts. While Brandi Whine Gross from the anti-choice side gets to spout whatever crap she wanted too.

Well it didn’t work. It seems your show is about as successful as your cartooning.

And BTW, a special note too Kristi (Stewart) Golden who appeared on the show awhile back with her election predictions – John McCain didn’t win in a walk. Maybe it had something to do with your ex-employer, Larry Pressler endorsing Barack Obama. (Gawd, that has to burn)

Do something that actually helps the children of our state.

I would like to congratulate Kevin Killer, Martha Vanderlinde and Scott Heidepriem on their victories last night. They all are good people and will represent our state well. Kevin and Martha are very progressive minded people, and they will bring a fresh and LIBERAL perspective to the State Legislature, which we desperately need.

I would also like to thank all the people who voted NO on 11. It was an unconstitional, intrusive law. The morality police need to let this one drop. If they are concerned about children, I suggest they ADOPT a lower income family in this state and buy their groceries for a year or help serve food at the Banquet. Do something to actually help the disadvantaged kids that already born and alive in our state.

I think about all the good that $3 million dollars spent on both campaigns could have done for  the hungry children in our state, and just makes me shake my head.

I propose two new initiatives for the next election cycle.

1)      Eliminate the food tax (something that actually does more good for ALL the children of the state)

2)      Ban the Unruhs from the legislative/initiative process, or better yet, from the state (and take Janklow with you).