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South Dakota State Legislature proves their complete and utter ignorance by killing Saba’s Bill promoting economic development

Somethings just make you shake your friggin’ head;

Yet on the same day that the Senate State Affairs Committee votes 6–3 to force open South Dakota counties for more CAFO business, the House State Affairs Committee votes 9–4 to kill an opportunity to open South Dakota for far more diverse business.

As you read the story, you will see that North Dakota is kicking our butts almost 2 to 1 in non-oil exports. Why? Because they have an office in state government that promotes direct business with international clients (since 2004), and here is the other kicker, it isn’t funded by taxpayers.

This was certainly killed because of partisan politics. Saba, a Democrat, has already been successful bringing one of many trade delegations. Shouldn’t our state government be supporting his efforts? The stupidity in Pierre is so immense they should rename the town to Ft. Putz.

Egyptian Delegation Press Conference

Isn’t it amazing what ONE Democratic Legislator can accomplish.

Egyptian Ambassador Press Conference

Saturday, November 9th, 201910 AM

Rep. Michael Saba (Dist. 9) has asked me to assist in setting up a special Saturday Press Conference in Sioux Falls to announce first results of this week’s Egyptian delegation trip to South Dakota led by Ambassador Hamdi Saleh.

“The purpose for this trip has been to buy products” Saba states “Ambassador Saleh has stressed this trip is to ship South Dakota products including commodities such as soybeans, corn and agricultural technology directly to Egypt from us.”

Rep. Saba has been traveling with the delegation from Sioux Falls to Brookings, Watertown and Aberdeen to cement relationships including purchase agreements. This week’s weather issues have not cooled the delegation’s interest in South Dakota commodities, education opportunities and products. The Egyptian trade delegation is building strong ties in South Dakota this week not only for today but for years to come.

The press conference is in the planned for the delegation at:

Sioux Falls Development Foundation (use the North door entrance)

200 N. Phillips Ave

Suite 101

Sioux Falls, SD 57104

Saturday, November 9th, 2019 at 10:00am

Egyptian Trade Delegation Schedule of Events

Democratic State Lawmaker, Saba, has organized a trade delegation;

“There is a lack of access for South Dakota agricultural products and services in international markets” observed SD State Representative Michael Saba (Dist. 9) after recently returning from a trip abroad.  Saba decided to do something about it.

This Sunday, November 3, a delegation of Egyptian officials will be in South Dakota for four days attempting to buy 10,000 metric tons of soybeans and other products.

“This trip shows South Dakota can compete in the world markets but we need a better marketing infrastructure to make this an everyday occurrence” Saba added.

Egyptian Ambassador Hamdi Saleh and his distinguished delegation will be touring Eastern South Dakota including the cities of Sioux Falls on Monday, Brookings on Tuesday with Watertown and  Aberdeen on Wednesday.

“The delegation is visiting South Dakota in an attempt to open our state’s high tech and agriculture industries to the marketplaces of Egypt and we are inviting the people of our state including the media to join us in welcoming our distinguished guests” said Saba.

Contact: Representative Michael Saba • District 9 • Sabamps@aol.com • 901-212-9746

Here is a LINK to the full schedule.

Congrats to D-9 Michael Saba!

Mike won his recount challenge today for District 9. He only lost ONE vote in the recount. Mike Clark was challenging the 68 vote difference. Maybe Clark can take up a new part-time job making cakes?

Kasey Olivier VS. Blake Curd recount is Tuesday and Dan Ahlers challenge is on Wednesday.

SABA gets important endorsement from Walt Bones, Former SD Secretary of Agriculture


Mike also has endorsements from former D9 Representative Tom Dempster(R) and Former CEO of Avera Health & Sioux Falls Chamber President, Dr. David Kapaska.




And how can we forget who is running against Saba?

And how about these headlines?

We don’t need more bigots and do nothings in Pierre. VOTE SABA!