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Sioux Empire Podcast w/Scott Hudson

They talk about all the things that have been nagging me for awhile. No wonder my name gets brought up 🙂

Happy Warrior interviews Neal Tapio

So this is entertaining. LISTEN HERE.

Why doesn’t the City of Sioux Falls have an RSS News Feed? (H/T – Robert Mehling)

Robert from the SE Podcast pointed this out to me not long ago and sent me this email today;

Maybe this is a Nothing Burger but I’m setting up a news aggregator for statewide news for my site and collecting the RSS feeds of every news producing entity in SD I can think of.  Now it’s really hard to find a major city in the US that doesn’t offer a news RSS.  In South Dakota most of the larger cities do:

I wanted to get the RSS feed for Sioux Falls but there is no link to it so I emailed the city and got this reply.
“Robert, We do not have an RSS feed for news posts.”
So I thought, wow that’s really rare and weird.  So I did some digging on their website myself and it looks like they had an RSS feed.  They shut it off in 2016.
As I’m looking at this I’m listening to Parick Lalley and you on there saying the city implemented a secret gag order in 2016…  The timing of me starting my hunt for RSS feeds and you being on the radio couldn’t have been more perfect.  Just like the timing of the RSS feed being removed and the possible gag order.
So like I said, maybe it’s nothing.  Just thought you might be interested.
Robert Mehling
It seems the mayor was bent on killing information leaks from the city hall two years ago.

Pork Barrel Rhetoric & Latest SE Podcast

Sioux Falls Candidate interviews: Sioux Empire Podcast

Robert and crew have put up several VIDEO interviews HERE. Scroll down to bottom of main page. So far Gunn, DeBoer, Weiland, Anderson, Entenman & Bardon have done the video interview. I do know that Jolene is also scheduled for next week.

Meeting, what meeting? Guest Toon: SE Podcast

Guest Toon: Sioux Empire Podcast

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Guest Toon: Sioux Empire Podcast

As you can see, Mickelson was up to his parlor tricks again;

DiSanto tells KELOLAND News she let the matter go to go along with party leadership. The two female representatives specifically named Speaker of the House Mark Mickelson as the person who wanted the matter resolved without incident.

Sorry, but when someone acts like this, there should be some kind of discipline. I don’t think he should have been kicked out of the legislature, maybe a censure, but I find it ironic since nothing happened to Disanto for her disgusting meme, her attacker gets off also. I guess when Republicans do f’ckd up things in our legislature, they get off.

Guest Toon; Sioux Empire Podcast

Sioux Empire Podcast; Theresa Stehly

Theresa talks about independent journalism and her newsletter.