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  1. Okay, at about 39 minutes things start to get very scary. Now, Tapio assumes we are a Christian nation with inalienable or unalienable rights, but what he refuses to note is that such rights were first transcribe in a formal government text by none other than, Thomas Jefferson, who was not a Christian, but rather a Deist, who did not believe in the existence of the Holy Trinity. In fact, Jefferson wrote his own version of the Bible, where he “cut and paste” the Bible to his likings, and where he noted the moral teachings of Jesus and not the understanding that Jesus himself was a or the Savior; and if you don’t recognize Jesus as the Savior, then how can you call yourself a Christian?

    So, if one of our most known fore fathers, Thomas Jefferson, who enlightened us on the words of inalienable or unalienable rights, was not a Christian, then from what premise does Tapio stand to suggest that we are a Christian nation?

    Let us also keep in mind that many other fore fathers were Deist too. Now, I am not going to say that there were not Christians who helped to found this nation, but when Tapio relies on inalienable or unalienable rights to legitimize the Christian link between what we are as a nation and how we become a nation of freedoms, and that link then comes from a Deist and not a Christian, then where is his proof?

    Because our rights are not the reality of an existing or former religion, rather they are the by-products of a market economy, which benefits from such freedoms and promotes them hence. That is why the consolidation of wealth and the greater economic empowerment of the 1% is the greatest threat to our freedoms today, and not anyone religion, whether we claim them to favor freedom or not and whether we think they want to destroy us or not.

    In fact, I have often thought as to the degree that desegregation granted greater freedoms to people of color in this nation over the last sixty years, how much of that freedom has come from the white majority deciding that they were wrong about race and how much came from the reality that by not discriminating against people of color, that they, the whites, were given the ability to expand their markets and profit potential through a greater market economy due to the access granted to all races from desegregation?…. Because our freedoms may be marketed in a moral sense, but they become reality due to the innateness of the market economy itself, which is to profit and not from a religion or any form of decency itself – Although, those morals and a sense of decency are of a value that should be a part of our market economy, however, and promoted themselves within the market itself to further respect for our fellow man and woman.

    Plus, any attempts by Tapio to suggest that the democratization of the Church overtime, and especially due to Martin Luther’s efforts, further speaks to Christianity as the genesis of democratic thought is to not understand history itself or the importance of the market economy or the political market economy in the creation of democratic thought from day one. Because to the degree that Christianity is an agent of freedom, however, is to understand Christianity’s true or necessary role in history and the further enhancement of morals and respect for your fellow man. And when you genuinely and historically develop that respect, then you will respect others of other faiths or not, which are the true moral teachings of Jesus, whether you be a Deist, a Christian, or of an other faith, or of no other faith, and which is to respect your fellow man and woman and their own beliefs in a truly free society through a more honest and healthier political market economy for us all, that also promotes respect and decency to all too.

  2. anominous on May 15, 2018 at 10:05 am said:

    Some people get crow’s feet on the sides of their eyes. This man has a giant chicken foot in the middle of his forehead.

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