I got a little disturbed with Noem’s ‘Undead Coordinator’ proposition, but this takes the cake (Click to enlarge)

One Thought on “These are the kind of People that support Neal Tapio

  1. Stupid question, but is her name really “Volunteer?” Or, is this just a form letter for volunteers?

    Oh, and has his church endorsed him yet? What about the Family Heritage Alliance? From past experience, it is usually your church first, then the FHA just before an election….

    But Tapio does have an interesting commercial, however. Because its the first time I have seen a Republican talk about EB5 as an actual scandal, that goes beyond a $ 2000 fine out of Aberdeen… Its actually refreshing ….. But Shantel a Liberal?…. Really?…. I think the only thing liberal about her is that she might have some relatives from Liberal, Kansas….

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