I’m pretty sure the Electronic and Hazardous waste recycling center on North Cliff has a contract with an outside company to receive the items. I noticed the few times I have been out there that the employees wear a uniform that is NOT city related.

They also scan your ID when you arrive. I’m sure this has to do with any issues they may have with items you drop off, like if they suspect you have a meth lab, etc.

I know the couple of time I have been there, they are extremely ‘picky’ about what they will take, and if they don’t take it, instead of just throwing it in their dumpster, they give it back to you. For something that is funded by the taxpayers, I find this strange.

But a friend of mine had a very unusual experience recently over disposal of televisions. He confessed to me that he has been there 3 times this year with old TVs, mostly cleaning up his deceased mother’s place and getting rid of his old TVs. Let me be clear, he was only dropping off TVs.

At his last visit they informed him he was ‘Over his yearly limit’ for dropping off TVs. He explained to them his situation with his mother, etc. The response from one of the workers was ‘You are banned from dropping off any more TVs for 357 Days!’

He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

According to the city website, they have a ‘5 TV limit’ per year. There is NO stated reason why they have this limit. Baffling, I know.

So this is how we treat people trying to do the right thing by recycling OLD electronics and TVs? By banning them for a year?

The city really needs to look into having some customer service training or at least explain why we have a TV Nazi policy.

Every time I see the below commercial I am so frustrated by the end I could care less about the product they are selling. While big name musical artists (and their estates) have been selling their songs to TV commercials for years I am still trying to figure out what Nina Simone’s version of ‘Sinnerman’ has to do with using a cell phone. Nothing. Shame on her estate for selling a classic song to push cellphones, don’t you think that product has caused enough problems the way it is? One wonders if they paid anything for it though, since ‘Sinnerman’ is a traditional Reggae folk song that has been redone by many musical groups over the years, even though her version is the best.


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I know it’s a real reach for me to post something that I think is stupid or that I absolutely hate. Today will be no different. Every year all of you mouth breathing sheep work yourselves into consumerist frenzies for “the big game”. The chips and salsa I buy at Hy-Vee have a team logo on them. The gas I pump into my shitty car is the official fossil fuel of the NFL and I think I’ll puke if I see one more fat asshole wearing a Steelers jersey he picked up at Kohl’s just to wear today to prove that he knows who’s in the game and maybe people will think he’s a hardcore fan.

All professional sports suck. I’m not just pointing my finger at the NFL, although I will say they have a market share of fanatic butt wads that even NASCARâ„¢ is envious of.  Today isn’t really about the football. Deep down somewhere behind all of the marketing and overpriced commercial spots there is a game of strategy and skill. But that isn’t the reason millions of you are tuning in today. Sure, you’ll watch the game and cheer when someone makes a play worth cheering for. If you are with a group of people today, whether its in a bar or sitting at home on your couch, make a mental note to observe the way a room snaps to attention when the first set of commercials come on. We, myself included, have been programmed to consume, and today we’ll worship at our HDTV alters and anoint ourselves with crappy Americanized beer and finger food.  Doritos Sanctos Cheezypoofs.

So drink your Budweiser and eat your hot wings like a good boy, and I’ll pretend I care when it’s all you can talk about tomorrow at work. 



I  mean… BAAAAAAA……..