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The Nazis held more open town hall meetings


Just another ‘Town Hall’ meeting in Sux Falls

I just attended the ‘supposed’ town hall meeting at the Elmen Center that KSFY and the Gargoyle Leader hosted. No one called on me to ask a question, because I forgot to wear my armband, apparently. This is how the town hall was sold to the public;

Tonight, there’s a town hall meeting just for you.

The Sioux Falls Next Town Hall Meeting isn’t designed for city officials or development groups, although many of those folks will be there listening to you.

Rather, the meeting is designed for you – you, the one with ideas.

Participating in this event is quite different than attending a planning meeting that often has a set agenda and pre-determined array of topics.

At tonight’s meeting your suggestions will drive the agenda and discussion.

BULLSHIT! They pre-selected questions and guests and didn’t let a single person from the audience ask a question unless it was preapproved. This was the worst form of propaganda I have ever seen in Sioux Falls in a long time. The only thing that was missing was SS troops and Hitler. After they stopped filming, I told Brian, the moderator from KSFY, (Paraphrasing), “This was not a real town hall, people from the audience couldn’t ask questions. This was sold to us by the Argus Leader that if we showed up we could ask questions.” He told me that the panel was still there if I wanted to ask questions. I just waved my hand at him and said “Whatever.”

I should have expected this out of a half-ass TV station and a half-ass newspaper, no, a quarter-ass newspaper.

And watch the video, they talked about how great our bike trail is and why Downtown is not a place for the EC, for one hour straight. The only comedy relief was at the beginning when a ‘LaRouche-Bag’ ranted about the British Revolution and magnetic trains until he got cut off.

On a positive note, I had lots of tasty buttery snails at Tre Lounge afterwards. Yummy. Thanks Dan!

What’s next…cars that fly?

If you want a good laugh at the expense of some unknown bands, check out Rock and Roll Confidential. I particularly like the Hall of Douchebags and the video is classic.

What’s next…a monkey with a hula hoop juggling dead cats and smoking cigarrettes?

So now everyone in the South Dakota blogosphere is a satirist

Well I guess if Folkarts can do it, anyone can? Right?

I am flattered though, seeing the popularity of my site, the other two top SD political bloggers have followed suit. I guess if you can’t beat em’ join em’!

I do understand Pat’s toon but am having trouble with Todd’s. Is there an asterick somewhere I can follow Todd that explains them?

Snark overload… must…. click… Publish…….

SC fans rejoice at the prospect of Nick's saliva residue

Because Valentine’s Day wasn’t lame enough already.

I heard if you buy enough of their merch, your ‘valentine’ comes with a Spill Canvas ‘touched’ butt plug and ass-less chaps.

Brett Micheals to headline Dakota Rockfest in 2009






I’d go if Rock of Love III’s Taya Parker was dancing naked on stage. Boinnggg!

Superbowl? That’s football.. right?

I know it’s a real reach for me to post something that I think is stupid or that I absolutely hate. Today will be no different. Every year all of you mouth breathing sheep work yourselves into consumerist frenzies for “the big game”. The chips and salsa I buy at Hy-Vee have a team logo on them. The gas I pump into my shitty car is the official fossil fuel of the NFL and I think I’ll puke if I see one more fat asshole wearing a Steelers jersey he picked up at Kohl’s just to wear today to prove that he knows who’s in the game and maybe people will think he’s a hardcore fan.

All professional sports suck. I’m not just pointing my finger at the NFL, although I will say they have a market share of fanatic butt wads that even NASCARâ„¢ is envious of.  Today isn’t really about the football. Deep down somewhere behind all of the marketing and overpriced commercial spots there is a game of strategy and skill. But that isn’t the reason millions of you are tuning in today. Sure, you’ll watch the game and cheer when someone makes a play worth cheering for. If you are with a group of people today, whether its in a bar or sitting at home on your couch, make a mental note to observe the way a room snaps to attention when the first set of commercials come on. We, myself included, have been programmed to consume, and today we’ll worship at our HDTV alters and anoint ourselves with crappy Americanized beer and finger food.  Doritos Sanctos Cheezypoofs.

So drink your Budweiser and eat your hot wings like a good boy, and I’ll pretend I care when it’s all you can talk about tomorrow at work. 



I  mean… BAAAAAAA……..

A Movie Review with The Angry Guy

‘The Wrestler’

I saw this movie last night, and I was a little surprised. It turns out that it is really about an old stripper that can’t get men to pay to see her naked, and gets harrassed by some guy that used to wrestle that has AIDS or something like that. Sure, there were plenty of scenes where fat bloody gay men roll around on the floor for the entertainment of the NASCAR crowd, but mostly that was filler between the scenes where you get to see Marisa Tomei’s funbags. Would I recommend this movie to someone I like? That’s a trick question, I don’t like people…. but I would say rent it when it comes out on DVD.

Do you really want to hurt me?

It seems that Boy George is in trouble again;

Singer Boy George chained a male escort to his bedroom wall and beat him with a metal chain after accusing him of hacking into his laptop, jurors heard.

Ouch! Temper, temper now. Talk about chainging colors quickly . . .

Huh? What? Zzzzzz . . .

Is the Sioux Falls Department of Parks & Recreation a monstrosity?

I compared apples to apples and all I can say is, damn right it is!

I first want to say that Sioux Falls has an amazing park system. But is it all useful? We continue to build new parks when we are not using the current parks we have to capacity. Take Yankton Trail for instance. Rumor has it the city only allows the park for competition, not to be used as a practice facility. Why is that? I have even heard stories of police intimidation if you are using certain parks just for recreation instead of competition. What Up?!

This summer I rode my bike to work almost every day on the bike trail. I found the trail to be well maintained and frequently used, I also found our parks are over manicured, watered, mowed, and maintained (what’s the point of mowing ½” of grass!?).

Why does the parks department and budget continue to grow at such a rapid rate, and what is the solution to slow it down a bit to an acceptable inflationary level? I suggest we stop building new parks for at least two years and do an extensive study on how much our parks are used by monitoring their usages throughout the week and seasons. If certain parks have little usage – we sell off the land. I also suggest we build smaller parks that are easier and less expensive to maintain. I also think we should reduce the size of some of our larger parks. One thing I observed this summer is that smaller parks are more populated. Not sure why? Maybe people feel safer?

I decided to look at another city similar to ours in climate, size and growth. Billings, Montana is two-thirds the size in population to Sioux Falls.

Billings spends $5,714 a year per developed acre of parkland.

Sioux Falls spends $11,546 a year per developed acre of parkland.

Can you imagine if it cost you that much to maintain your lawn every year! Even if you feritlized, watered and paid a lawn service for an acre of land you are still looking at about $2,200

You must also remember, the $33 Million is the 2009 operating budget ONLY! This does not include building and developing new park land, that is in a separate budget called the CIP.

Sioux Falls maintains 4.8 times more parkland than Billings and even if you adjust for the population difference Sioux Falls still maintains 3.22 times more parkland than Billings. Sioux Falls budget is 9.78 times larger than Billings and 6.52 times larger when you adjust for population – Holy Crap! This is pretty amazing considering the similarities between Sioux Falls and Billings. If you go to Billings Parks and Recreation page you will see that they also offer as many activities as Sioux Falls. In Sioux Falls defense we charge visitors a tax to buy stuff here to help fund our parks. In Billings they are not so lucky, they only have a state income tax to work with. Not only does Billings maintain developed acres on such a small budget they also maintain over 2,000 acres of undeveloped parks but they also irrigate their parks like we do, from the river. When I spoke to one of the park’s directors about his operating budget, he said they were underfunded (well duh) but when I told him our budget, he was dumbfounded, as was I when I heard his budget.

What is the problem? My guess is Sioux Falls is paying too much for outside services and over-maintaining. It’s not like Billings is a couple bucks short of us on funding, they are millions and millions of dollars shorter than us. It tells me that Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation is in a constant state of overspending. We can have all the same things we have now, we just need to start shopping at the dollar store.

How has the Parks budget grown to such a massive level without some oversight? That’s just it, there is no oversight or accountability. The Parks board meetings are not televised or broadcast on the city website. The other problem is that the Parks board is all volunteer. I think they need to be elected officials. With a $33 million dollar operating budget a year, they operate almost as a separate entity from the city. In fact, up until a few years ago, the Parks and Rec department made their own decisions on public art, not consulting the Mayor, Council or Visual Arts Commission before placing public art. Kinda takes the word ‘Public’ out of ‘Public Art’.

Once we ask for accountability from our Parks and Rec department not only will you see incredible savings to taxpayers, you will see more CITIZEN friendly parks.