Well I guess if Folkarts can do it, anyone can? Right?

I am flattered though, seeing the popularity of my site, the other two top SD political bloggers have followed suit. I guess if you can’t beat em’ join em’!

I do understand Pat’s toon but am having trouble with Todd’s. Is there an asterick somewhere I can follow Todd that explains them?

9 Thoughts on “So now everyone in the South Dakota blogosphere is a satirist

  1. Detroit, I believe I was doing political cartoons on my website long before you were on the blogosphere.

    But then again, so was Jason Folkerts.

  2. But I made it popular.

  3. Windsor:

    As Ferris Beueller says while he’s playing the clarinet, “I haven’t had a single lesson!” That’s me and graphic arts. I just use free stuff you can find around the house and the Internets.

    You kids these days don’t read so we have to try and make it visual. If I could program my blog posts as video games like Grand Theft Auto, that would be even better for you young whipper-snappers!

    As to my referenced cartoon re Gov. Jindal, I FolkArtsed a reference to Gary Larson and his famous cartoon of what a person says and what a dog hears. Obviously, if I have to explain it, the cartoon didn’t work. (But I sometimes don’t get your professionally crafted cartoons either, so we’re even.) At least I don’t use a bunch of arrows and boxes to try and explain stuff like FolkArts.

    Believe me, my attempts are pure vanity. It’s like blogging with words except A-Rodized. Even stuffy old lawyers like to stretch their creative wings from time to time.

    But seriously, we live in a visual society. I come from a world of words as a lawyer and old person. I’m trying to bridge the gap on my blogs. And I’m open to advice on who to do it better.

    And yes, Windsor, I’ll feed your ego. You are part of my “inspiration” to experiment with visual blog posts. I’ve seen your success and determined that yours is a train I need to take from time to time.

    And like PP, sometimes the visual medium makes our political points better than a bunch of words.

    Todd Epp
    Artist in Residence
    SD Watch http://www.southdakotawatch.net

  4. Uh, not “who” but “how” to do it better.

  5. Todd- you should use the googles, there is tons of FREE funny images out there you can put in your posts, Angry Guy always comes up with great stuff.

  6. hosepheffer on February 27, 2009 at 6:10 am said:

    why does anti-medical marijuana lawyer boy call you Windsor? You only drink vodka tonics.

  7. But Windsor, as a cartoonist, you also write posts, so should PP and I get mad at your for stealing our gigs? 😉

    Todd Epp
    SD Watch http://www.southdakotawatch.net

  8. Hos- Pity Pat Powers is the Anti- medical mary jane, not Todd. And he is a glorified used car salesman (realtor) not a lawyer.

    Todd calls me Windsor because that is the Canadian sister city across the border from Detroit. Kind of clever.

    Todd – I’m just busting you and Pat’s balls, you two need to stop being so uptight all the time, especially you, you would think a lawyer would be able to take a joke.

  9. BTW- I don’t think I could steal Pat’s gig, don’t you have to sell your soul or something to become an apologist for the SD GOP?

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