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Triptyc of Charles Bukowski, Tom Waits and Henry Miller


Mixed media and collage on wood

24″ x 8″ or 8″ x 24″ (Though I am displaying it vertical, I think I will frame it horizontal in a custom wood frame)

This is more work influenced by Shepard Fairey’s latest book.

If you are a fan of his writing, I highly suggest your pickup the above DVD, Henry and June. The movie is about the time he spent in Paris with wife June and his affair with Anis Nin. Another great DVD is one I picked up at his library in Big Sur, originally released in 1996 by PBS called, Henry Miller is Not Dead. It is a documentary of several interviews with him, in which he basically rants about life. It has a Grey Gardens feeling about it. He reminds me of Picasso in some of things he says and does and his feelings about art. Henry was actually an amazing painter to.



I stopped by the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur and picked up a few things. The library is basically a gift shop in a small cabin built on one of Henry’s friend’s place. Henry had a place close by in Big Sur. They also have a small stage and put on perfomances. Philip Glass played there this past summer.

The one thing I noticed about Big Sur was that there is a lot of young wannabe hippies, and they don’t like to work too hard. For instance the clerk at the gift shop had to be interupted from eating or smoking everytime someone wanted to buy something or ask a question – he must not work on a commission.

I especially liked the computer monitor crusifix below.