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Steve Hildebrand asks Governor Daugaard to pay us back.

Steve has been on fire lately with his FB comments. The other day he had some scathing remarks in reference to minimum wage when he met the governor at his restaurant, today he had this to say;

Dear Governor Daugaard:

You told me on Friday that you don’t believe in the minimum wage and that you believe a market approach is the way to go. I’ve told a lot of people about that and we’ve concluded that politicians should get paid on a market approach too – you know, on how much you are needed. In today’s world, you aren’t worth much. You cause more problems than you solve, so instead of paying you our hard earned tax dollars, we think you all owe us money. That’s what the market bears in today’s political environment.

I’ll be waiting for my check.

Steve H.

I’m guessing he owes us a lot of money! I’m guessing Thune and Noem probably owe us more.


Why hasn’t Gov. Daugaard endorsed Mike Rounds for senate?

I have been thinking about this every since the fake governor appeared on the Colbert Report.

No TV commercials. No print ads. No radio. No direct mail. Zilch. Why wouldn’t the former Lt. Governor endorse his former boss? We all know Dennis is going to wallop Wismer. What is he afraid of?

EB-5 seems to be a virus that Dennis is trying to shake. C’mon Dennis. Endorse your former BFF.

A Helpful guide to the SD GOP Scandals

Click HERE ( republican-graphic) to see the entire, enlarged graphic. Then download and email to your friends.


Gov. Daugaard, Master of Disaster?

Forget EB-5, Dennis is now claiming he is a leader when helping with flooding. Could have fooled me. When Joe Lowe was coordinating the Dakota Dunes flooding fiasco (he worked for Dennis) they had to find ways to distract the governor while he was visiting the site before he made any stupid decisions. I think Joe referred to the experience as ‘babysitting’ the governor, he also had some other ‘colorful’ descriptions of our governor’s brain trust when it came to disaster management and cleanup. Let’s just thank God for one decision Dennis made, keeping Joe Lowe on as his disaster manager.

YouTube Preview Image

Bring it on!


Towards the end of the Governor candidate debate yesterday at the state fair, Myers asked that Governor Daugaard be asked to swear on the bible to testify about EB-5, Dennis yelled out at Myers (in the above image) ‘Bring it on!’ a couple of times.

We are waiting Dennis, we are waiting.

SD Dems seal the deal for Huether’s 2018 Governor Run


Bend over Chicky

I’m not going to print what I said to a friend today about the SD Democratic Party when I heard this, even to fowl for this blog;

The Democratic ticket is set in South Dakota’s gubernatorial race.

Susan Wismer named Susy Blake as her lieutenant governor running mate.

Blake is a former state legislator and nurse.  She represented District 13 in Sioux Falls from 2008 to 2012.

“It was an honor to be asked to join Susan for this historic campaign, and now it is my pleasure to join this campaign and stand with Susan to advocate for all of the people of South Dakota,” Blake said in a statement.

Oh, it will be historic alright, I bet it will be the biggest ass kicking the Dems get in 40 years in a Governor Race. If Susan breaks 30% I will be shocked. I bet Huether was secretly giddy after hearing the news. I will be curious if he donates any money to the campaign. As I have said in the past, the only way Wismer/Blake even have a snowball chance in Hell of beating Denny is if the EB-5 scandal blows up in his face, but I see that investigation is slowly getting buried like Benda himself.

The Dems just couldn’t leave well enough alone by handing the nomination to Joe Lowe, and running Wismer as SOS.

As Jon Stewart would say, they really f’d the chicken on this one.


Phase One complete: Huether for Governor 2018

Last night state Democrats hurdled step one in getting Huether elected to the governor’s office in 2018 by choosing Wismer to run against Daugaard. The ONLY way Wismer even has a snowball chance in Hell of beating an incumbent Republican would be if they could directly link him to the EB-5 scandal, which will be tough since there has been a complete media lockout on the subject.

Lowe’s loss wasn’t entirely a grand scheme by the Democratic party. Lowe admitted last night that he did very little advertising and NO direct mail. That is unfortunate, because he truly could have beat her if he would have just stuck with traditional political advertising, like Wismer did do. It worked for her.

What is even more frustrating is that the Dems have yet to say if they have a candidate for Secretary of State. As I have said in the past, this would have been their prime opportunity to go after that seat, especially with all of the scandals with Gant, and Shantel Krebs telling a petitioner last year that the petition and referendum process in South Dakota should be ‘Unconstitutional’. The last kind of person we want as election overseer. Speaking with a prominent Democrat recently, he said that the Dems have NO candidate for SOS and plan on putting their full support behind the governor candidate. Imagine that, putting all of their eggs in one basket.

I have never regretted leaving the Democratic party and becoming an Indy, and I don’t forsee myself ever returning. It just seems like SD Dems are always planning for the next election instead of the one at hand, and they proved this last night by securing Huether’s race for governor in 2018. As MMM would say, “Good Job.”

Another governor endorsing a state program during an election cycle?

Here’s a question for the State of South Dakota, the SD Governor’s office, Attorney General’s Office and the SD social services departments, “WTH?” On what planet are you?

The state of South Dakota is spending major money using the Governor’s wife as a cutesy spokesperson with her grandchildren(?) encouraging the foster children business.  Her husband is an announced candidate for governor of South Dakota. Is this state sponsored advertising for Denny’s reelection campaign? Is this a feel good commercial to enhance the Governor’s image after the children’s mess he is actually in? Remember Aberdeen. Remember Mette. Remember Schwab and Taliaferro. Also, remember the $50,000,000 the Daugaard Children’s Home Society gets to foster out children into so many abusing families. How the Mette case brought up the ugly mess of the South Dakota’s Indian Child Welfare Act violations.




So in the disaster aftermath of Mette, is South Dakota state government using the First Lady in TV commercials and a fancy website to clean up their image? In normal campaign seasons South Dakota state law would prohibit the use of the Governor’s family or images once the candidacy is announced. Just recently NJ Gov. Chris Christie got in big time trouble using his family in a PR campaign.

Where are Denny’s political opponents? Do they not understand child stealing, selling, renting and other abuses are just not right?

Just thought I’d mention it and see how long it takes for the commercials to be removed from broadcast.


If a man shoots himself in the stomach using a branch in the woods, and nobody is there to witness it, is Denny and Marion still guilty of ignorance?


More EB-5 fun times;

Of the documents released by USCIS, the most surprising relate to the TransCanada project. Bollen made the initial application in May 2011 to include TransCanada as a qualifying EB-5 project.

By that time, Gov. Dennis Daugaard had been in office five months. Benda, who had not been retained by Daugaard as a Cabinet secretary, had gone to work for Bollen and SDRC.

Tony Venhuizen, Daugaard’s director of policy and communications, said state officials didn’t learn until more than two years later — last summer — that Bollen had applied with the USCIS to supply EB-5 financing to Trans-Canada. By then, state and federal officials were investigating the state’s program.

“He told them he wanted to get into the pipeline business,” Venhuizen said, saying the TransCanada information was a surprise.

But one thing the state officials said they didn’t learn until questioned last week by the Argus Leader was that Bollen also was trying to expand SDRC’s service area into Montana and Nebraska.

“That was not a detail that he mentioned,” Venhuizen said.

I love how the current administration and the Rounds administration act like Benda and Bollen were just working alone, because, you know, like the governor doesn’t have time to monitor millions of dollars in economic development money. I could just hear Denny and Marion having the conversation as Marion was leaving office, “Yeah, Dennis, really not sure what Benda and the boys are doing up in the ED office, but you can trust them, they are really good at managing themselves, heck, they never ask for my assistance ever, sometimes it will be months before I even talk to them.” Dennis responds, “Cool, it is kind of how I handled fostering native children out to white foster families. Once they left Children’s Home Society, and you cut us a check, I was pretty much hands off, guess you can’t say that about Mr. Mette . . .”

Make us proud Gov’nor! (H/T – Helga)

Love all the national attention Denny is getting us on his (non) ideas for Medicaid expansion;

South Dakota is among the “hell no” states when it comes to Obamacare. No state-established insurance exchange and surely no Medicaid expansion. They don’t want no stinking federal aid to help more people have health insurance. To be clear, though, that’s the legislature and the governor talking. Not the people.

Despite a poll showing a majority of South Dakotans favor Medicaid expansion, Gov. Dennis Daugaard’s office said Wednesday he has no plans to introduce legislation to expand health care in the state.In a survey released earlier this week by the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Action Network, 63 percent of 400 state residents favored Medicaid expansion while 31 percent opposed it.

The others polled had no opinion. Republican pollster Glen Bolger conducted the poll for Alexandria, Va.-based research firm Public Opinion Strategies. The poll’s margin of error is 4.9 percent.

Yes, that’s a small sample size, but it’s still a pretty astounding result in such a conservative state. But South Dakota has about 48,000 people who are uninsured, also quite a lot for a small state. Medicaid expansion would save about 25,000 from falling through the Medicaid gap their governor has created, and bring about $57 million to the state this year.

Oh, but wait, no-bid contracts to foster care programs in the state that adopt kids into abusive homes? That seems to be a good way to spend taxpayer money. Right? But that controversy seems to be suffering the same fate as Benda’s autopsy report. CLOSED CASE.