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Commissioner Barth’s questions to Auditor Litz

These are the questions Jeff planned to ask Auditor Litz in the last County Commission meeting until the discussion got diverted;

Please consider giving specific and complete answers to these questions during the “election review” agenda item on November 18. My hope is that we can proceed in a calm, deliberative manner.

In the run up to the General Election two incorrect absentee ballots were discovered mailed to a relative and a friend of a Legislator. Rather than creating a potential political dustup I took those ballots to you quietly, asked you to fix them and to audit your ballot inventory to assure me that correct ballots were going to the correct voter.

When I asked you about incorrect absentee ballots during the Canvass on November 7 you responded that there “were only two of them” and that you “took care of them”. When pressed you ignored the issue.

Then on November 12 you told KELO TV that there were twenty incorrect absentee ballots.

1) Were there two or twenty incorrect absentee ballots?
2) Did you know election night that these wrong absentee ballots were coming in?
3) Is twenty the exact number or a general approximation?
4) If the issue was voters putting the ballot in a wrong ballot box how could that happen with absentee ballots?
5) The counting machines have a printer attachment that notes when it reads an error on a ballot. What do the machines say?

In the 2014 City Election wrong ballots were mailed out on absentee requests. When candidate Rebecca Dunn brought two of the erroneous ballots to your attention you threatened legal action against her. You then blamed the Secretary of State for corrupting your data base.

1) How many incorrect absentee ballots were counted in the City Election?
2) In a related matter, how many wrong ballots were handed out at the “Voting Centers”?

In the June “General Election Primary” wrong ballots were again mailed out. You accepted responsibility for printing wrong ballots and again pointed at data base issues. Going forward from there you tasked your staff with correcting the database before the November election.

1) How many incorrect absentee ballots were cast in the Primary?
2) Were you able to recall all the “printing error” ballots that were sent out?

These absentee ballot issues are 100% human error. Elections are a sacred responsibility given to our county. We must do better.

Thanks, Jeff Barth


There was some other confusion. Precinct 3-12 cast votes in Legislative District 9 and 11. It is not listed as a precinct in District 11 but if you go to the SDSOS website the results show Tom Cool won that precinct 6-5. Another reason folks are confused.


Breaking; Jeff Barth to run for SD Democratic party chair


Jeff Barth told me this morning that he plans to run for the party chairmanship. The party elects new officers in Chamberlain on December 11-12.


DEM Candidate Corinna Robinson IS running for the US Congress


I have been noticing several reader comments on media websites (that I assume are plants by Republicant’s trying to dis-credit Robinson’s campaign). So I set the record straight tonight while attending a Minnehaha County Democratic fundraiser at the Falls Overlook Cafe. Sorry, I am a little hazy, I had a couple of glasses of Moscato at the event (and I thought they only served kool-aid at Republican events, my bad).

I asked Corinna if she was running (after telling her the rumors swirling around). She said definately, in fact she already has a West River and an East River director working for her (I met the East River fella tonight) and she plans to make the big announcement in January sometime.

So detractors, knock it off already.

While I am not sure if I am totally sold on Corinna, I will say that the BS smear campaign on her is uncalled for. We know the real reason the SD GOP is swinging low and early, because when you match Corinna’s credentials with Noem’s, Noem’s campaign is quickly distracting the electorate with Mitchell hair, barrel roping stories, hoop earrings and mail order college degrees. If Noem is dumb enough to debate Robinson, Corinna will pound her into submission, I can’t wait for this matchup.

Other highlights of the event was meeting Democratic Candidate for Governor, Joe Lowe.


I am usually hard to impress when I first meet a political candidate, but not only is Joe intelligent, and has great economic, public safety, and leadership skills, he is very funny, incredibly funny. He shared many personal ‘war stories’ with GP and I about his employment with the state.

Rick Weiland also talked about the benefits of a buy-in to Medicare being offered to all citizens (woot-woot).

In other news, county commissioner Jeff Barth confessed to me he is NOT running for mayor.

And a chuckle for the night, I was looking for Mayor Huether to be at the event tonight. Not only Minnehaha county’s most powerful Democrat but the state’s most powerful Democrat, according to some peeps (sorry Bernie Hunhoff). But he was a no show. I didn’t ask anyone about it, but was offered the information from an attendee. I guess he didn’t attend because he believes the Jamison campaign has a ‘tracker’ on him. Luckily I wasn’t drinking my Moscato Kool-aid, because the person telling me would have been splattered with it. I do know that in Huether’s final ‘Listening and Learning’ session before the election that someone was doing an audio recording of the session, like it matters because you can listen to it here. But if that is what Paranoid Mike considers a tracker, I want to tell him there are bigger turds and tracks in the forrest to worry about.

And the final word on Jarding, get ready for this, No one knows what the heck he is running for. He is scheduled to teach classes next Spring at Harvard, so many are puzzled as to what he is up to.

South DaCola Endorsement: Jeff Barth for US Congress

I have thought about this for awhile. Have Jeff and I had our disagreements? Oh, yeah. But there is one thing I like about Barth, he speaks his mind, and believes what he believes. He is an Old Skool Democrat and liberal.

Someone asked me the other day, “Who has a better chance of beating Noem?” I said, Varilek of course, but let’s face the facts, neither one will be able to beat the Republican money machine and the West River podunks who love a congressperson in tight Wrangler jeans. I don’t want to see either Barth or Varilek in tight jeans, heck, I don’t even want to see them in a Snuggie. But I do want whoever runs against Noem to needle the heck out of her.

So why Jeff Barth?

Because he will truly question her on her record and won’t let her slither away. Varilek, not so much.

YouTube Preview Image

Is Jeff Barth the best guy the Dems could dig up to run against Noem?

Do I want Noem as our congressperson? Hell no! In fact I would prefer an indy in that position that does not have to tow the party line. The liberal in me likes Jeff Barth. He is about as liberal as you can get, he is even a little on the nanny-stater side.

He is all about raising taxes to spend on social programs. I don’t have a problem with that, as long as the money is spent wisely. But the fiscal conservative in me doesn’t care much for Mr. Barth.

He recently wanted to raise taxes so he could give raises to county workers. Here’s the deal, I agree they deserve a raise, but don’t we all? What goes around comes around, and while the rest of are taking it in the shorts, the county workers have to also. That’s just how the cookie crumbles. They chose to work in the public sector, the pay should be reflective of society as a whole.

But the thing that worries me the most about Jeff is his chances of beating Noem. In fact I would give her 65-70% of the vote. I hope the Dems dig up someone young, smart, progressive, moderate, and with deep pockets before the primaries. Jeff isn’t going to cut the mustard.

Maybe one of those Weiland kids ain’t busy over the next year?

Increasing taxes on liquor doesn’t harm the liquor producers

Barth: There wasn’t a sin tax I didn’t love

It is just another SIN tax that affects the poor, working poor and lower middle class. Say what you will about taxing alcohol, which is not a bad thing, I just find the argument that we are somehow punishing the liquor companies by increasing this tax to be silly:

Every day, more booze-related (or booze-caused) costs pile up. Who pays for the ambulance, the helicopter, the squad car, the medical care, the funerals? Certainly not the alcohol industry.

So what is Minnehaha county commissioner Barth’s solution? Tax us more to buy it;

An additional 10 percent sales tax on alcohol is not too heavy a burden. An $8 six-pack of beer would be $8.80. I’d still buy it.

I have a better solution. Stiffer penalties to people who sell underage, stiffer penalties to DUI offenders, and actually force people to pay restitution, or work off that restitution in a work release program while living in jail. Taxing RESPONSIBLE drinkers to pay for the crimes of IRRESPONSIBLE drinkers is idiotic. If someone commits a crime while intoxicated, they should pay for the consequences. Not the average Joe who drinks a tomato beer every once in a while.