I agree 100% with Scott on this one. I’m always baffled why the local media lets local politicians, convicted felons and whack jobs push them around?

Reminds me of an email exchange I had with a news director at KELO-TV recently. Inside KELOLAND which is produced once a week and airs twice on Sunday had a program a couple of weeks ago about the Sales Tax increase. The first half featured Munson, Brown and Staggers the second half featured two developers, but no citizens (you know the ones who are affected by the tax increase). I emailed the news director about it, and she told me that they featured Munson, Brown and Staggers instead because they are elected by the people and represent the citizens (insert laughter here). I had a pretty long rant I was going to send her about journalistic integrity, etc. etc. but instead I replied “Yes, Staggers did a fine job representing the citizens.”

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