The different associations that use the school district to promote their programs seem to be confused as to who is at fault on this one;

“It’s a shame we live in a society where attorneys decide what’s best for students,” Dr. Lyle Van Hemert told the board, representing the Sioux Falls Soccer Association.

First person to point the finger at is Unruh, not attorneys, who consistently does not know her boundries when it comes to her lunatic mission to push her theocratic beliefs on a majority of South Dakotans. I don’t have a problem with an ad by the Alpha Center, but I do take issue with the language, “Abortion Hurts Women”. WTF? How was this message important to students or their parents? It wasn’t.

A majority of the blame lies in Pam Homan’s lap, she is the super and the buck stops on her desk. Her communication’s office and director did not do their job by proofing materials that get distributed to students. Pam should have recognized that, apologized and handed down the proper punishment to the individual in charge of that office. Instead, as usual, Homan passed the buck and didn’t follow policies already in place to stop materials like this getting in our schools.

It was a policy mistake, plain and simple.

Gawd, I’m glad I don’t have kids.

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