Of course the Gargoyle Leader has gotten on their hands and knees praying to the Pavilion Gods and praising the City for bending the taxpayer’s over the barrel for another unneeded expense.

The best part of the whole drawn-out scenario is that the winning bid on the project came in last week under the estimated $791,000 price tag. A total of 10 firms bid on the project – a higher number than anticipated. Sunkota Construction, the bid winner, will get started on installing the windows later this year.

Why did so many bids come in? Because the Argus ACTUALLY covered the controversy for once and didn’t do just one tiny story on page 5. When the media actually makes an attempt to cover the news and hold beauracrats accountable, people take notice. I’m sure when construction companies saw that the project was budgeted for almost a cool million, a lot of companies probably said, “We can do it for cheaper than that.” The city makes no effort though to save us money. First they blow money on hiring a consultant to tell them what to do, than they take that consultant for their word.

The price tag on this project is not small. But, in addition to saving some money on energy costs, the windows should be considered an investment in one of the city’s most visible properties.

I agree with the Argus that the windows are an investment, no doubt. But I have long argued that we should ONLY replace the windows that are in need of replacing and weatherize the rest of them. That could have not only saved us a lot of money, we would still be saving on energy costs. I find it ironic that the Pavilion is laying people off and our school system has to feed half of it’s students because they live in poverty, but somehow a city and newspaper think we NEED historically correct windows?

Talk about priorities.

5 Thoughts on “Pavilion windows an investment? Sure . . .

  1. Can we read about the windows on Jodi’s Facebook?

    When will the mayor decide to make cuts in the city budget? Will he wait until it’s too late like Rounds?

  2. Well John, today may be the day of reckoning on that topic. I noticed in the city info meeting agenda that the City finance office will be giving their update. I’ll be curious how much our revenue has gone down since late November, or if Eugene will whitewash some how. I do know one thing though, I guarantee a grilling from Costello and Staggers if he trys to BS his way through it.

  3. I am not a rocket scientist, but I did stay at the Holiday Inn over the weekend. I can’t see how state revenues are in the tank and Sioux falls isn’t a big part of that decrease.

    If it is true that SF is still growing, there are really serious problems in the state.

  4. With all these layoffs, I doubt there will be any growth in population in 2009. Building permits are already down. Like I said, tonight’s budget report will either be very telling or a complete coverup. We will see. I know that the Argus will be covering the meeting.

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