Big Head Todd and the Monsters will be playing a new Downtown music festival in August.


BHTM doing their own little version of Voodoo Chile.

I have seen them at least once (that I can remember) and one thing you need to know about them is they are essentially a blues band. And a damn good one and well worth the $10 admission fee.

6 Thoughts on “Pretty Rockin’

  1. I think this could easily morph into a downtown version of Jazzfest, but with a more Blues & Rock component and not free until some corporate sponsors step up.

    One thing I hope for is to put to bed the asinine notion that several thousand people can’t possibly get in and out of downtown Sioux Falls for an event without the world coming to an end.

  2. But you can’t compare an all-day event where people gradually come and go to one where everybody leaves at the same time. My only hope is that for once in this city there is some honesty with the attendance figures.

  3. Sure you can, especially if 5000 or so come for the headliner and then leave after with the group that was there all day.

    The point is it will not be any worse than coming and going from the SE Fair or Jazzfest or Hot Harley Nights.

  4. whatever. I don’t feel like arguing this silliness again.

  5. l3wis on June 11, 2010 at 8:28 pm said:

    Well since they are selling tickets, they will have to have an honest attendance number. As for the parking issue I see both sides of you argument.

  6. I don’t blame you, the bluehair/jethro mindset on downtown’s potential for hosting events is a pretty damn flimsy one to argue on it’s merits. Unfortunately, the new Mayor is more inclined to see it your way as well.

    If we build a new Events Center anywhere but downtown it will be a collossal mistake.

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