2 Thoughts on “The final numbers are in

  1. Plaintiff Guy on June 28, 2010 at 5:17 pm said:

    Oh, this! Cheap for full control of a 330 million annual budget. Just $1 and win the big powerball.

    Otherwise, I went to the Kermit informational today. Typical city sabotage: City web site showed 4PM when it was at 3PM. Media was still showing up after it was over at 3:45P. There were 5 citizens there but probably 50 at 4P when it was over. Tornow showed up somewhat under the influence at 3:30P. He was grilled but council still doesn’t get that Munson made them fascists.

    Spoke with Kermit and Camera Class Leader. Maybe Kermit now sees tyranny from Munson reign.

    L3wis, lots of news to share in private about forthcoming city litigation. How about lunch when I get ‘HOME RULE’ T-shirts? Didn’t come today.

  2. Plaintiff Guy on June 28, 2010 at 5:31 pm said:

    L3wis, I’m serious about ‘Stop Home Rule USA’. There’s 2 suburbs in Illinois and Canon City CO. Oh, Brookings too. Revenue is web site donations and sales from logo items. Sioux Falls is the ’60 minutes example’ of unconstitutional tyranny. A non-profit is free vacations (annual Hawaii) and a handsome salary. This site would become local but feed into the national google search ‘Home Rule Charter’ for StopHomeRule.com. If you’re ‘snarky’, this is the opportunity to paint local politicians as national villains.

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