In recent days I have been told from people in touch with the ‘Haggar’ camp that Jenna was unaware of the Pac 15 postcard until after it was mailed. First I laughed, then I said,”Bullshit!”

So, I offer an open invitation to Jenna (not her mother, or Pac 15 organizer Dena E., or any other neo-con whack job who is associated with her) to come clean. Email me your HONEST explanation and go ON THE RECORD that you had no association with the postcard. If you are willing to do that, I will post it and let it stand.

27 Thoughts on “An open invitation to Representative Haggar

  1. So are any of these claims untrue? Or are you just incensed that the truth got out?

  2. We already had a discussion on that topic Bob. Go away.

  3. Barely anyone reads this blog.

  4. Good one, Trent.

  5. “Barely anyone reads this blog.”

    But you do Trent.

    I have over 10,000 readers a day on a consistent basis;

    Nov/22/10 12,826

  6. Johnny Roastbeef on November 23, 2010 at 3:48 pm said:

    If Jenna was innocent you’d think she’d want to clear her name.

  7. My point exactly.

  8. I still say L3wis has the hots for her…I think he wants to give her an enhanced pat down with the optional happy ending.

  9. Well, that goes without saying, Sy, and I concur.

  10. If you have nothing to hide why plead the fifth? Maybe let Jennas mom post if Jenna won’t

  11. I likes my gurls chuncky. Too skinney for mies likin’

  12. I’m not sure that this blog is worth Rep. Haggar’s time or effort. How many people in her district do you suppose read this –and how many care? So everyone now knows exactly who Martha Vanderlinde is and what she stands for. What is so bad about that?

  13. oh! and it is a GREAT card–if Martha lived in California she would have won by a landslide!

  14. Angry Guy on November 23, 2010 at 10:19 pm said:

    Fuckin’ Republicans and their anonymous commenting.
    ‘Mom’ my ass…. probably Jenna incognito, still a little pissed you insulted her lack of wardrobe choices during the race.
    Who the hell reads this blog anyways?

  15. Buzz Evenrude on November 23, 2010 at 11:03 pm said:

    First of all, although I rarely agree with the opinions on this blog – I check it daily. Why? Because its current. I do appreciate the effort Scott puts into it. He has a very liberal slant (Thune, Noem, Doogard, are always the bad people) but at least he brings up some good points. He also seems to have a VERY good read on local politic’s which is my main reason for tuning in. I love how he keeps Mayor Subprime in line…
    As for the Jenna story…whatever…but I reading the post about “Jenna’s Mom” gave me a great movie idea…

  16. First off, let’s just say that ‘some’ of the stuff on the PC is true, but some of it is speculation.

    As for ‘who reads my blog’ I don’t care. I just find it funny that ‘someone’ who knows Jenna would tell me that ‘she says’ she had nothing to do with the PC, so obviously she know about the accusations. Come clean Jenna, here is your opportunity.

  17. l3wis. First off, I agree with Buzz on why so many come here daily. You truly are, along with a few others in the blogosphere, way ahead of the curve. As for Jenna? Her commenting on this issue is something she just is not going to do. The PC was disgusting, she knows it, and prolly approved it. Just politics as usual. Worked for Noem. Works for anyone looking to avoid the issues. But the fact of the matter is, it worked. She has taken her bat and gone home.

    In Jenna’s defense, I do not agree with much of the conversation here concerning where she has lived her so far young adult life. In this town, and in these times there are any number of legit reasons for her to be at home. My kids have all flown the nest but are welcome home anytime. I’m sure Jenna’s mom and dad feel the same way. Helping to care for a younger brother in need of help is truly worth commending, not tearing down.

  18. I agree, I commend her for taking care of her little brother, but that is not what this is about. I just want to know why she would tell people (who she knows would tell me) but not just come on here and do it herself. Maybe because of your analogy, she won, it really doesn’t matter anymore.

  19. L3wis:

    “I likes my gurls chuncky. Too skinney for mies likin'”

    Translation: Out of my league.

    Double secret translation: I hit on her once and she shot me down.

  20. seems that whoever was behind this card probably looked at a lot of gay porn to find the picture of two guys kissing. what kind of god fearing republican would be looking at gay porn? we need to investigate a legislator who would use gay porn in a mailing!! oh the outrage!!!

  21. I have over 10,000 readers a day on a consistent basis;

    Nov/22/10 12,826

    I’m really curious as to what this means l3wis. Correct me where I may be wrong. The 12,826 figure. Is that the number of “hits” your site records? For instance, if I come on at 7 am and open 6 different topics to see the comments does each count as a “hit” towards your 12,826 figure? If it does I alone prolly account for a dozen “hits” each morning before I go to my part-time job watering trees while reading a book. (Oh the f’n horror) Gasp! Gasp! And another dozen hits in the evening after I’ve retrieved my union pension check. (Oh the f’n horror) Gasp! Gasp!

    Does your site count distinct IP addresses? If so, how many of them do you get on a daily basis?

  22. Poly, the point of this post is that Jenna dropped a cheap shot at the last minute to win a very close election. The problem is not wether the infor on the card is true or not. The dirty part is a Political Action Committe was set up on Saturday before an election to cause confusion. There was no time for the other candidate to respond. People of your ilk should understand that the ends DO NOT justify the means.

  23. People of your ilk

    People of my ILK? John, I followed this story as closely as anyone here. I agree with you. It was low and out of order in every regard. I just do not think where she lived, or why, should have been a topic of discussion. If it is, then haven’t we lowered ourselves to their standards?

  24. The 12,000 number is the # of individual computer visitors. My hits are usually around 50-70,000 a day.

  25. Angry Guy on November 24, 2010 at 12:27 pm said:

    how many of those hits are bots looking to make a bogus comment?

  26. Poly it is important. With a first time candidate (and all running for office) is important to know their backgroud and use it to determine if they have what it takes to serve. Would you vote for someone who is filing bankruptcy or a child molester. Extreme I know but makes the point.

    In the SD Legislature the Chairman of the House Education Committee is a home schooler. Do you think he has the best interest of a free public edcuation at heart?

    In Jenna’s case it is important to know her background. In her campaign pieces and during speaches she wants us to know about her family business. So when she chooses to live in her mom’s basement rather than getting her own place- says a lot to me.

  27. John – clarification, she doesn’t live in the basement, that’s where they keep campaign mailing operation.

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