6 Thoughts on “Let’s do some exploring (inspired by Costner)

  1. Is there a C Street House in Pierre, some place safe and cozy for her to stay.

  2. Stop making fun of her or her mom will cry

  3. She will probably stay at the Pierre youth hostile.

  4. Snooki Palin on November 12, 2010 at 6:04 pm said:

    I hope she isnt confused for a congressional page.. …

  5. concern liberal on November 13, 2010 at 5:43 pm said:

    No candidate for the US Senate, a “pseudo-Democrat”
    for Governor, a Blue Dog for the US House, and the Democrats cannot even elect two state representatives from District 15 any more, I must of missed the obit for the
    South Dakota Democratic Party.

  6. Even Leslee Unruh dissed the mailing;

    “I find the underlying attack on Martha Vanderlinde was despicable. The person who did it did not consult me and does not work for me. No fair minded person can condone it. It shouldn’t have been done to Martha or anyone else. But Martha’s supporters are guilty of the very same thing they are complaining about. I condemn and object to what was done to her and what was done to me. Personal attacks are uncivil and need to stop. People disagree with issues but there is no need for personal attacks on character. It is unethical to attack an individual wrongly instead of debating the merits [Leslee Unruh, comment, 2010.11.11, on “Sham PAC, Fake Flyer Boost Haggar,” Cory Allen Heidelberger, KELOLand.com Blogs, 2010.11.05].”


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