We’ll miss you Pitty Patt . . . not.

First it was Todd Epp and now Pitty Patt Powwers. While I would love to say good riddance to Pat, I’ll be nice and say ‘good luck’ I don’t blame Pat, I considered pulling the plug several times over the past year (and yes, my domain is ALWAYS FOR SALE) until friends encouraged me to continue. I will also give Pat credit for having the courage to use his real name on his blog. Nothing infuriates me more then chickenshit neo-con bloggers who don’t have the sack to say who they are . . . and they call themselves teabaggers 🙂

I was thinking of doing this post later, but there’s something to be said for ripping the band aid off.  After 5 years and 9 months, I’m leaving the SDWC.   I’m moving on to other opportunities which preclude me from participating in politics in this manner.

You’ll be in good hands, as I’ve recruited several good people to offer their opinions on South Dakota politics.  In fact, to give the new writers a fresh start, the slate has been wiped clean, and all you’ll find here (except this post) are their thoughts on politics exclusively.

MC, Mike H, TC at AC, RC (aka Reagan Conservative), and TV’s Kristi Golden will all be offering their comments, as well as a few others who may join up.

I also applaud Golden for using her real name, but she has such a big mouth, I think it would be virtually impossible for her to blog anon. I encourage the other authors of the site to reveal themselves. ASAP.

39 Thoughts on “DWC’s founder quits, removes his history and hands over the reigns to Kristi (Stewart) Golden and a bunch of anon (chickenshit) bloggers

  1. Why does it matter who they are?

  2. Mr. Ehrisman-
    As one of these “chickenshit” bloggers that you so happily referenced, I’m happy to introduce myself and say who I am… much like I did in one of my first posts (where I introduced myself!)

  3. TV’s Kristi Golden ???

    Never heard of her. But then, I don’t watch a lot of TV. Isn’t she the one that had Reynolds Nesiba removed from a debate?

  4. I think it matters. It’s one thing to leave anonymous comments, but I believe it’s gutless for anybody other than a whistle blower to run a blog or fanzine under a pseudonym.

  5. Identity matters. I want to know the source. Anons might just be Noem staffers. I want some verification of the independence and/or biases of the authors.

    [p.s.: reins 😛 ]

  6. Cool Tyler, now get the rest of your team to do the same.

  7. You can’t really tell me that nobody in the S.D. blogosphere knows why Powers erased all his previous posts? Well, copies of them are kept in plenty of legal files and he can’t eliminate some of the comments he’s made on other blogs.

  8. Who knows. Who cares.

  9. caheidelberger on 11.16.10 at 6:36 pm

    Identity matters. I want to know the source. Anons might just be Noem staffers. I want some verification of the independence and/or biases of the authors.

    So, instead of verifying the actual information (which can usually be done by clicking the little link underneath the cut & paste text) you need to know the source so you can go after them instead?

    We certainly will never know the bias of someone posting on a blog with a header that states “South Dakota’s #1 Political Website – News, issues, and politics from a Republican point of view.”


  11. Did you think to drop by and ask politely for our info? Did you happen to notice that we all wrote intro bios? Or was it your first reaction to stand on your side of the street and yell “HEY YOU! What’s Your Name?”.

    Maybe you should try employing a little more common sense / common courtesy in the future, and resort less to name calling with obscenities.

  12. LOL!

    I read your bio (see below) still missed your real name in the bio, I read your rant here, still missed your name. You neo-cons sure are smart, kill the messenger, yet you still have not revealed your name, imagine that.

    “Well, I am one of the new guys.
    Like 80% of the people that post here, my name is Mike.
    So, I will use this nickname for a while to keep us separate.
    I grew up in Pierre where I grew to love politics (went to high school with Dusty).
    I worked as a medic for years starting at the ripe age of 15, and volunteered my time in Rosebud most weekends while in high school. I went to SDSMT where I received my BS in Computer Science and now work as a software developer. As such, I type almost all day long, but rarely in full words and certainly never in full sentences. So please forgive my grammar and punctuation.
    I am very much addicted to archery (hence the nickname), and you can find me all over the state for local club shoots and tournaments, or just hanging out in a tree stand.
    Thanks for having me.”

  13. Even if they posted it, you probably missed it. (You’ve got the wrong “Mike” bio there)

  14. Tyler Crissman on 11.16.10 at 4:27 pm

    Mr. Ehrisman

    As one of these “chickenshit” bloggers that you so happily referenced, I’m happy to introduce myself…

    Mr. Crissman.

    I’m guessin by your bio yer in your mid twenties. Prolly a young republican in college and highschool. Prolly beat the hell out of the Bush wardrums your whole eight years in your school newspapers. So while you were beatin those wardrums did you check in with the local Army recruiter? Didn’t think so. Like l3wis says of your bunch….CHICKENSHIT.

  15. This thread is fun!

  16. Poly43-

    Don’t assume what you don’t know. I am NOT, I repeat NOT a neo-conservative, and never not once did I “beat the war drums” in any of my high school or college newspapers. Regarding me “checking in with the local Army recruiter”, your right I never checked in the Army recruiter… it was the Air Force that I checked in with and am currently planning on getting my commission in April/May of next year, so again, don’t assume what you don’t know.

  17. Pat’s new blood obviously doesn’t get jokes.

  18. Do you smell that? Sort of like a woodsy-charcoal smell?

    Seems like poly got a little burned there.

    Don’t mind poly Tyler… he likes to do a lot of assuming about people when he decides he disagrees with them on something. By law of averages he is correct about 15% of the time, but the other 85% of the time he just believes he is correct.

    The world keeps spinning either way, and it is almost always entertaining. People can say what they will, but at least this Tyler provided his full name – and for a blogger that says something (which I believe was L3wis’ primary point in the first place).

  19. DDC on 11.17.10 at 8:05 am

    Even if they posted it, you probably missed it. (You’ve got the wrong “Mike” bio there)

    Man i hate it when I act like a smart-ass and get it wrong. That was the right bio. I need to keep the phone-posts simple.

  20. Costner on 11.17.10 at 11:49 am

    Do you smell that? Sort of like a woodsy-charcoal smell?

    Really cos? Some, until now, never heard of before neocon young republican comes on board, tells you he is NOT a neocon, NEVER supported the war in Iraq, and INTENDS to join the war effort EIGHT years after the opening volley, and you buy into it hook, line, and sinker? I got some oceanfront property in Beresford you’d just love.

    From the neocon pen of Tyler at the Augustana Mirror, Oct 15th, 2010.

    “If given the opportunity to become South Dakota’s next representative, Kristi promises that she will not forget the people who have sent her to Congress and will consistently vote to represent them, and will not be a rubber stamp for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (keep in mind that Representative Herseth-Sandlin has voted with Speaker Pelosi over 91 percent of the time).


    From the wardrum pen of Tyler at Washington High School, Sept 30th 2004.

    When it comes to the situation in Iraq, Kerry was originally for the war. But as things progressed, like many Americans Kerry began to back away from his support of the war. Bush has always expressed his support for the war, and that’s how a commander-in-chief should act until the goal is reached.


    I’d call that line BEATING THE BUSH WARDRUMS.

  21. Regarding me “checking in with the local Army recruiter”, YOUR right I never checked in the Army recruiter….

    And YOU’RE a graduate of Augustana college?

  22. Costner on November 17, 2010 at 2:35 pm said:

    When you have to resort to the grammatical argument, you have already lost.

    Based upon what you posted poly, it is quite a stretch to say he was beating the wardrums muchless a neocon. Merely because someone may hold a differing opinion than that which you do doesn’t automatically qualify them as a neocon anymore than someone who is against the war(s) and/or had a severe distaste for President Bush is a liberal.

    Besides – Tyler never claimed that he never supported the war… that is just you putting words in his mouth. He merely said he wasn’t beating the wardrums as in he wasn’t calling for blood or begging for a fight. Vast difference in my opinion.

    Just face it – you made some assumptions based upon a quick google search but without any firsthand knowledge, and your assumptions may have been wrong (and clearly are wrong when it comes to his desire to enter into military service).

    I may find myself in disagreement with some of Tyler’s views from time to time, but that is no reason to start lobbing names and labels at him or to pretend he is being deceitful just because his world-view doesn’t align with some mythical predetermined template that all conservatives must follow.

    Lighten up man – it would seem you owe the man an apology for calling him a chickenshit, because not only has he openly provided you with his full name, but he is voluntarily entering into military service.

    Those two actions could be called a lot of things, but chickenshit? I beg to differ.

  23. that is no reason to start lobbing names and labels at him

    Yer the last one here that’s gonna play the “lobbing names and labels” line on me cos. Yer “holier than thou” BS gets old after a while. What were you lobbing with this line?

    “If nothing intelligent comes out of your mouth, you need to find other uses for it”.

    from this topic.


    Tyler. Based on your rants in your columns connecting SHS to Pelosi and Kerry as a flip flopper vs bush fighting the “good war”, I stand by my words. When you graduate from Basic Training I’ll take back the chickenshit remark. Til then?

  24. Poly-

    Till then my friend, till then 😉

  25. Tyler-

    Til now my blogs of choice have been South Dacola and Madville Times. Both in my opinion light years ahead of any published rag or blog. I have now marked DWC down as a place I can find non neocon views spearheaded by yourself. At least til April/May. 🙂

  26. Costner on November 17, 2010 at 4:08 pm said:

    Poly is consistent in one regard… he never admits when he is wrong, even when it is blatantly obvious to everyone else.

    As to the comment you went digging back for poly (not sure how much time that took you), it was a topic where l3wis asked for captions – as in satire!

    Never mind that the quote you cited doesn’t include any insults or labels… but details, details. Keep reaching my friend, sooner or later you will find whatever it is you are looking for.

    I do love the “you can’t support a war unless you are willing to fight in it” argument you have so pathetically had to fall back upon as if that makes someone’s opinion any more valid. Reminds me of those on the right who say if you don’t have anything to hide then you shouldn’t care about random (unwarranted) searches of your property. Because you know… opinions don’t matter until you are actually impacted directly by an event right?

  27. blatantly obvious to everyone else.

    In your own mind cos…in your own mind.:)

    Sorry Scott. Forgot to mention another place I regularly visit.


  28. Cos-

    For you it’s “satire”. For someone else that does not live in your world it’s “lobbin names and labels”. Gotcha 🙂

  29. reminds me of when, on the old al forum, poly had his own (probably still has it) archive of anything and everything posted by his enemies. He didn’t go back and search the al for it, he had it saved in his own format! he’d pull months/years old stuff out when he felt he needed it to bolster some claim or to simply criticize people he disagreed with. i learned to feel sorry for him rather than participate in his partisan war.

  30. Thanks Poly!

  31. I kinda like the archiving by him, he is much better at it then I, especially enjoyed him digging up Tyler’s WHS newspaper article. Fucking priceless.

  32. Poly’s a guy?

    Funny how you make a profile of someone in your mind and how it aligns (sometimes not at all) with reality.

  33. Hey Jeffy. I don’t have to archive. Just know how to utilize the search function. Try it sometime. You’ll need it if yer gonna spend all your time on here apoogizing for our states latest welfare queen kristi.

  34. PP will be missed like painful rectal itch.

  35. hey poly. the al search function sucks. you admitted you had your own archives and it’s obvious when you pull out stuff that is no longer on there “new and improved” site.
    i haven’t spent all my time here apologizing blah blah blah. But maybe you can go dig up and repost where i did. you must need things like that to fill your time. i still feel sorry for you.

  36. Costner on November 18, 2010 at 8:09 am said:

    So let’s see, first poly accuses someone of “beating the wardrums” merely because they blog on a conservative forum. He makes vast assumptions about the history of this blogger, and when told he is incorrect he responds that the Tyler’s statement of “Bush has always expressed his support for the war, and that’s how a commander-in-chief should act until the goal is reached” somehow equates to “beating the wardrums”.

    That is a stretch even for poly, but it gets even better.

    He also chastises Tyler for NOT serving in the military because apparently you aren’t allowed to support the war or the war effort unless you are willing to serve.

    When that turns out to backfire on him (because Tyler is seeking a commission in the Air Force voluntarily), he makes a claim about how he will take back his “chickenshit” label when Tyler graduates from basic training. Far be it from Poly to simply apologize like he should have… that must be asking too much.

    I also love the fact that poly had to go back to 2004 to dig up dirt on Tyler from when he wrote an article in a HIGH SCHOOL PAPER. I have to laugh at how many google search results and how much digging he had to do for that little gem, and the end result is nowhere near solid enough to support his claim about “beating wardrums”.

    Even poly knows his retort was fairly weak, so his next step was to resort to the old misdirection trick of pointing out a grammatical error in Tyler’s post. Yes – really, which is ironic because a few posts later he used the phrase “yer gonna” and term “apoogizing”. Pay no attention to that however because there is one set of rules for poly and another set for everyone else.

    Of course far be it from poly to let anyone disagree with him, so first he turns the discussion towards me attempting to dig up some insults I have used (although once again his search attempt appears to have been in vain) and rather than simply admit he may have been wrong about Tyler, he even turns the tables and goes after Jeff.

    I guess you just have to find the humor in it… if it wasn’t so incredibly sad. Hell I’m the first to admit I make spelling and grammatical errors, and I’ll even admit to lobbing an insult or two, but I’m also more than willing to admit when I’m wrong, and I’ve apologized in the past for insulting someone when it wasn’t called for or admitting when I crossed the line.

    What I don’t do however is keep a book of past quotes and statements and posts so I can cut and paste whenever I find the need. Can’t say as I fault poly for doing so as that might come in handy actually, but it does bring up some great memories back when he was cutting and pasting like a madman trying to convince everyone that crime rates had risen after the assault weapons ban expired. Even after evidence was posting proving him wrong, and even after numerous posters and dozens upon dozens of posts on the subject pointed out his blatant fabrication, poly still refused to come out and admit he was wrong.

    Not much has changed.

  37. Bob Newland from Decorum Forum blog on November 18, 2010 at 11:35 am said:

    The Phat Phough who used to run War College apparently barred my IP address from accessing the War College site. Hell, the crop of broggers on WC now seem like a group I could relate to. I guess the Phat Phough didn’t want me exposing them to rational thought.

  38. Banned your IP? Funny and chickenshit all into one.

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