“Showing up to meetings is all about decorum.”

I will have to give a Hat Tip to Ellis for doing the research on this (since I am too lazy);

City Councilor Rex Rolfing was on hand for Monday’s 7 p.m. council meeting for the first time since Sept. 12. Rolfing missed three of the 7 p.m. meetings. Those are the meetings where the council votes and takes official action. Typically there are three of them a month.

Rolfing missed three in a row – including one in which the council approved next year’s budget. That third absence led to a little legal research here, at City Hall, and elsewhere. The city’s charter lays out several reasons for how councilors can forfeit their offices. One states that a councilor forfeits office for missing three consecutive “regular meetings,” unless excused by the council. The council as a body had not excused Rolfing.

It appeared, on first reading, that Rolfing had missed three regular meetings. And if that were true, then he was off the council.

But upon further research, the council has an ordinance that defines a “regular meeting.” For the record, the council has one “regular meeting” a month — the first Monday. So Rolfing was in the clear.

Council Chairwoman Sue Aguilar said Rolfing informed her he would be gone. His absences were business related.

Rolfing has missed six 7 p.m. meetings so far this year. That’s the most of the eight councilors and one mayor. Jim Entenman is in second with four.

Ellis forgot to mention that Tex also showed up to the 7:30 meeting Tuesday night at the Caille Branch library that councilor Jamison was hosting.


6 Thoughts on “Councilor Tex Golfing’s attendance record by the numbers

  1. Alice15 on October 20, 2011 at 2:53 pm said:

    Seriously – why do you run for office if you cannot attend? I have heard in the past that Rex has stated multiple times “I didn’t realize it was going to take this much time?” Seriously? Did you not watch city council before you ran? They meet every Monday and you have committee meetings and you have to respond to the public -nothing has changed except having to defend the Mayor and this crappy plan for an EC. I will give Rex credit in the fact that I always receive an email back from him at least thanking me for my thoughts and participation – unlike my crappy district councilor Dean Karsky who does not. However, Rex defeated other people that wanted this office. He should respect that and either resign or start getting is butt to meetings.

  2. Scumbag Steve on October 21, 2011 at 1:41 am said:

    Holy sheeeet…. the lies never end….


    Where we gunna stick 20thou peeps? At Huether’s lakehouse? What will we hear next to get this POS passed???

  3. Scumbag Steve on October 21, 2011 at 1:49 am said:

    Also…. remember what I said about them having the curtains picked out already???


  4. They will all stay in Sioux City, like when councilor Tex Golfing’s SF Soccer Ass. put on a national tourney and had no place for visiting families to stay, except ditches or Sioux City.

  5. Funny how there isn’t enough hotels for a soccer tourney, but we have room for the supposed 200,000 that attend life light.

  6. That’s because good Christians don’t have a problem with sleeping in a hay field and eating bologna sandwiches for 4 days.

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