Governor DooGard’s office reacting to a NPR story that hasn’t even been released (H/T – Helga)

There must be some pretty damning evidence in the NPR story if the governor is on the defensive before the story is even being released;

From: Venhuizen, Tony
Sent: Tuesday, October 18, 2011 4:22 PM
Subject: Upcoming NPR story

Please forward this email to legislators.  Thanks!   Tony Venhuizen

Over the past several months, an investigative reporter from NPR has been working a story about the Indian Child Welfare Act in South Dakota.

Through her questions, it appears likely to us that NPR will be raising questions about services that Children’s Home Society of South Dakota provided, under contracts with the Department of Social Services, while Governor Daugaard was lieutenant governor.

Everyone who interacted with the NPR reporter commented that she came into her interviews with a clear bias and predetermined outcome, and she was not interested in contrary facts.


The Governor believes strongly in openness and transparency, and that the best way to address questions is to be forthcoming with the facts – even before NPR runs their story:

  • Children’s Home has a relationship with the state dating to 1978, long before Governor Daugaard was associated with Children’s Home.
  • Children’s Home has gone through Request for Proposal processes for two key contracts, and have always been treated in exactly the same way as other non-profits providing services in South Dakota.
  • All of the relevant facts have been publicly available and widely-known.  Dennis Daugaard was a part-time lieutenant governor whose full-time role as CEO of Children’s Home Society was very public.
  • Likewise, the state’s contracts with Children’s Home were open to public inspection, and Children’s Home was widely-known to be a major provider of services to children.

The governor wants EVERYONE in South Dakota to know the FACTS – not just the NPR version of the story.

The diversion:Setting the Record Straight



#1 Detroit Lewis on 10.19.11 at 3:31 pm

funny how they talk about ‘transparency’ right after the andidote has a story about pay to play contracts with L & S.

#2 Helga on 10.19.11 at 4:37 pm

It is funny, one mans transparency is another mans cloak of secrecy.
Didn’t Daugaard brag in his campaign how much money he raised for the Children’s Home for 20 years? This says he took over as Executive Director in 2003. Did he mislead the voters? Just wondering.

#3 anooner on 10.19.11 at 5:03 pm

Pretty much can guess how this went down for Dennis and CHS. CHS got stroked with a bunch of contracts bc DD was LT. CHS would have got a lot of them anyway bc outside of DSS, they’re about the only game in town for DSS type services. Dennis was I’m sure able to add some extra grease to that axel connecting CHS and state money.

NPR piece should be interesting if it already has Dennis going preemptive. My other guess is that that SD and its contracting agent CHS (using with state money,) didn’t comply with ICWA and that is where DD will feel the heat. it will make him look bad as LG, and as CEO of CHS. Probably more just a case of sloppy back-scratching. Either way it doesn’t look good. Watch for DSS to come off as bumbling crusaders as well. BTW, ICWA while largely well-intended, can be a real pain in the ass. Even so, non-compliance with ICWA is taken very seriously.

#4 anooner on 10.19.11 at 5:18 pm

Just read that link. Of course the Gov and DSS are not going to like this reporter sniffing around and maybe exposing “fiscal and legal irregularities”. That story also said CHS rec almost $7,000,000 in state money. If they serve the same number of clients this year Dennis said they are only gonna get about $6,700,000. That’s showing em Big D.

#5 Analog Tape on 10.19.11 at 5:36 pm

He’s nothing more than a revolving door vulcher. Bar card holder, then executive banker then goes to the other side to enrichen payments for development, then on to the lawmaker end.. He can look into his mirror knowing nothing was done for the good of humanity but for his own advancement.
That must be the game now – survival of the fittest. Even at the Republican dinners they have locally, 60% of the room is unaware of what they do and yet these vulchers see their own support (useful idiots) as the profane. As my Ex-Hutterite friend says, “These people make me gag.”

#6 l3wis on 10.19.11 at 8:49 pm

I think it is Vultures? Anyway, who am I to correct a spelling error 🙂 I just think Denny sending out warnings about the story before it airs tells you he is worried. If he did nothing wrong, let the story air, then move from there.

#7 Jo on 10.19.11 at 11:59 pm

Maybe this closes the lid (or opens) on Daugaard’s campaign claims of how supportive he was of children’s issues. During his 8 years as LtGov he never stepped forward to push children’s bills through despite his background at Childrens Home. Fact is as LtGov he was a figurehead contributing his connections to a sole source contract. Certainly his disclaimer and discreditation of the investigating journalist is a screaming red neon light there’s more behind those closed doors. And again he claims little responsibility for being LtGov so he needs to write a check to the state for some $140K to pay back his salary.

#8 Lemming on 10.20.11 at 12:07 am

This is like saying KDLT is doing a shocking story from City Hall on Friday night. Who cares, no one watches that station anyways. It’s NPR! Your taxes (the 47% of you that actually pay taxes) pay to hear their liberal slant on EVERY issue. Juan Williams anyone?

#9 Helga on 10.20.11 at 3:09 am

We pay something like $1.18 a year to hear NPR. You drop more then that in the parking lot falling in to your car.
Nice to see that you bought into the 47% tax story.

#10 Adolph Deflore on 10.20.11 at 6:12 am

You’re right Lemming, no one watches NPR… It’s a radio station.

#11 l3wis on 10.20.11 at 7:24 am

AD – C’mon, doesn’t it look like these people are watching the radio;

#12 l3wis on 10.20.11 at 7:28 am

I also find it comical that DooGard has his entire staff and legislative staff and several lawmakers involved trying to extinguish the flames of a NPR story that has not surfaced yet. I guess there is still one media source the SD GOP cannot control, as of yet.

BTW, here is the list of legislators the above email was sent to, I encourage you all to send the same list an email about how ridiculous the gov is acting;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

#13 caheidelberger on 10.20.11 at 8:36 am

Lemming, NPR and SDPB provide the best, most honest and intelligent coverage of political affairs available in South Dakota. When Team Daugaard issues a pre-emptive strike like this, I’m all the more eager to learn about the problems NPR is investigating.

#14 Detroit Lewis on 10.20.11 at 8:46 am

CH is right. If I don’t hear it on NPR, Democracy Now or the BBC, I don’t take much weight in the story.

I am also excited to ‘HEAR’ the story.

#15 cornholio on 10.20.11 at 9:46 am

Thank you, Team Doogard! If you hadn’t raised such a fuss, this NPR story would have passed without most people even knowing about it. Now I’ll search it out.

This is what you get when you surround yourself with high-paid family and friends (another story that’s not being told).

#16 Analog Tape on 10.20.11 at 11:37 am

Well I blame the people who vote for this guy as much of the writing was on the wall before the election. I normally vote republican but weigh on the side of independents or constitutionalists parties but for governor I voted for Scott Heidepriem as he was the only one who was willing to answer tough questions, meet with small groups of citizens and he backed dumping the midwife ban here in SD.
I did not agree with most his philosophies but at least he was accessible and wouldn’t lie in your face if he did disagree.

I would have more appreciation for DaywooGuard if he would just say, “Hey man, I’m just in it for the money and while I don’t fool people as easily as Thune, I took the next best position to protect my offshore assets. Hey but it is true that I did once drive a tractor and wore a flannel shirt as my campaign photo shows (With wheat in the background) and that’s why you voted for me, so HA… Too late suckers!

#17 Lemming on 10.20.11 at 11:39 am

Ok…you got me on the “watch” “hear” line! The link to the old farts ‘watching’ the radio was pretty good 🙂

#18 Linda on 10.26.11 at 9:10 am

Rabbit Proof Fence, movie about Australia’s same racist, self-righteous, ignorant, disgusting policies and actions. I am sickened by this ( taking babies from their mothers/families) even more than other stories of the day about police beating and arresting brave Americans speaking out for what it right.. What is wrong with us??? All this ugly just has to STOP! Let’s get to some peace and live already!