No new news here, or anything revealing. Just more speculation.

I received an ANON tip today about what I said in this post.

Mike did answer one question for me (partially). Shawn Tornow has yet to have his civil service hearing. He did not tell me why there has been a delay, but he did reassure me that Tornow has not been receiving compensation or benefits since his dismissal. I joked that Tornow was the king of dragging things out. Which he did not have a response or even a smirk.

There is still people wondering if Tornow received some kind of severence. I don’t know. I do know the mayor did tell me this above and the city attorney confirmed it with a friend of mine a few days later and advised her to check with the clerk of courts because Tornow is suing the city for wrongful termination (or something like that).

I really don’t care how it turns out, but I hope the media covers it. The amount of hypocrisy this man must carry around must be pure agony for his back. To torture the very people who pay your wages then turn around and sue the taxpayers because you don’t think you should have been fired (for torturing the citizens) is so ludicrous I don’t even know where to begin.

I think this is attempt by Tornow to bring down others who participated in the code enforcement witch hunt, and he is just bitter he was the only one to be let go from his cushy job. I do agree with him on one level, there are still many people in the ranks that participated in the code enforcement debacle that should be sitting on the sideline with Tornow (or better yet a rubber room drooling on themselves). But I would assume they have a lot more Huether shit on their noses then Tornow did. I guess he should have been kissing ass instead of eating salty snacks.

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