The pre-pat-power pdf reports have not been working. The site has been down completely.

Previous Year’s Finance Reports (2010 and Older), NOT AVAILABLE

Every time there is a change in Pierre officialdom, this website seems to crash.  What is Gant doing? Or should we say, what is hiding?

By l3wis

11 thoughts on “Hello? Is anybody home in the SOS’s office?”
  1. You know – just a few seconds ago I got a “500 Internal Server Error” message as I ate,mpted to log in to THIS site ( – and then ….. like magic …. it works the next time. What is up with that?

  2. Would being tax-payer funded make your server exempt from possible tech glitches beyond your personal control?

  3. I’d say another elected Republican stepping down before his term is over so a fake “incumbent” can be put in is a bit of a conspiracy.

  4. Mr. E is right. Gant’s website is more broken and neglected now after PP left and it is getting worse.

  5. Rufus: “Not EVERYTHING is a conspiracy.”

    That’s just what they want you to believe!


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