This Munson dude who was our previous mayor surprises me every day lately.
Apparently when he was mayor he signed an executive order that any incumbent mayor (and maybe city councilors) cannot use Channel 16 (CityLink) to campaign in anyway 90 days before an election.
In other words, Huether (or Jamison) can no longer appear on city shows (besides official bizzo) until after the election.
This will be a fun one to watch. How will MMM resist press conferences, etc.?
I found this out by accident. During the last Listening and Learning session, an audience member said, “So this is your last L & L session until after the election?”(sic)
Before MMM could respond, and explain why, he asked the lady how she knew this? she said, “He (the cameraman) told me.”
Of course MMM went into accolades about how great his cameraman is, and how great Munson is, and how great the Minney Mouse pancakes are at Rollin’ Pin.
Campaign Rules? We’ll see.

8 Thoughts on “Sioux Falls municipal campaign rules

  1. It is a wise rule, because it would give sitting incumbents an unfair advantage over their opponents, plus it would be using our tax dollars to support their campaigns.

    I would question the 90 day rule however – why would it ever be ok whether it is 91 or 365 days before an election? We, as taxpayers, shouldn’t be subsidizing the campaign coffers of any politician and they should have to purchase their own airtime like everyone else.

    Of course, politicians at all levels find ways around these rules as they disguise campaign speeches as press conferences etc., and there isn’t much we can do about that… but in this case it probably isn’t a huge issue since most Sioux Falls residents don’t ever bother to watch channel 16.

  2. Actually, Channel 16 has a high viewership. I do know I will be watching how the mayor approaches press conferences from now on until the election.

  3. Too bad the argus does not prescribe to the same rule. Think that fluff piece about lend a hand the other day. Lots of people donate to this. But who gets the accolades and pats himself in the back. mmm.

  4. Poly, yeah, it’s obvious who the AL is cheerleading for in the next mayoral election. That guy gets more free press then anyone I know from the AL. Sure, they did the story about his development deals, but they stopped short of calling his ass out on being ‘unethical’. It is blantantly unethical and I caught him over a year ago with the TIF thingy and his wife. It’s almost like they are getting all the ‘messy’ stuff out of the way before January 1st.

  5. pathloss on December 26, 2013 at 11:03 am said:

    Huether has lost much of his popularity. If the citation holders & American Legion go to the poles, he should lose. I’m worried the vote will be rigged like for the EC.

  6. pathloss on December 26, 2013 at 11:07 am said:

    How can you watch Channel 16 without tearing paper into strips or tasering yourself?

  7. Nature Lover on December 26, 2013 at 6:01 pm said:

    Please elaborate on the suspicion of a rigged vote for the EC.

  8. NL – I’m waiting for PL to do that to. I have come to the conclusion after meeting some of the key players that it was a genius marketing scheme to get 1st time voters to vote for a shiny new building.

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