Another SD Legislator makes us proud


I think someone needs to ‘dump’ on Pastor DooHickey.


#1 Helga on 05.22.14 at 12:39 am

That is exactly what I thought when I saw this last night and the good news is it repeats several times. Everyone gets to see SoDak at its best.

#2 Poly43 on 05.22.14 at 6:30 am

Speaking of lalley and the sandford crier (argus). I finally did it. After subscribing to the crier for the last 42 years I finally said enough is enough and cancelled out. In 2001 we paid $14.00 a month for the rag. In 2007 we paid &17.00 a month. The latest price increase of 30% more than it was last month was enough for me. Now it is $39 a month? For what? There was at least a shred of journalistic integrity at one time. Now it is nothing more than a mouthpiece for its major advertisers. Ellis is as close as it comes to a true journalist. Anytime I want to read his stuff I’ll just go google chrome incognito and read all I want for what the argus is really worth. NOTHING.

#3 Dan Daily on 05.22.14 at 10:42 am

Sanford Crier … good one.
I bought last Sundays Argus at a gas stop. I wanted to see a letter I wrote and they printed. I’ve sent dozens of letters and they finally printed one. I bought a lottery ticket cause it must be a good luck kind of day.
Retail price was $2.75. There’s good content in Sundays Argus but it’s not worth what I paid.
I later checked the Argus on line. Much better presentation and free.
The only reason the Argus is still in business is because here is also where USA Today is printed.