Once in awhile I change my name when I comment on the Argus Leader Media online shows. Mainly because I think when DaCola asks questions they get deleted or not asked.

Last Tuesday I was commenter ‘Hot Air’ even though I think Patrick Lalley was a little suspicious it might be Detroit Lewis.

Dana started the show by talking about the Dakota scholarships, or whatever they are calling them. I posted this question (and Pat asked it);

“Instead of throwing $50 million at a couple hundred students so we can chain them up to a low wage manufacturing job in SD for 3 years, why not spend that money on reducing the cost of Vo-Tech education for everyone?”

Dana made some comment about the conspiracy of ‘indentured servants’ and ignored the vision that President Obama actually talked about today in Watertown, affordable or FREE community college education for all.

Then I got a good belly role out of Dana’s comments about how all the Events Center Task Forces worked together. I made this comment (Patrick posted it, but did not relay the comment):

“The Event Center Tack force worked together? LOL! I recall you stomping out of a few meetings after you pouted about not getting your way.”

Dana went into a mild rant about the ‘unintended consequences’ of the federal credit card regulations (mostly on marketing).

I made this comment (also posted but not relayed to Dana);

“Your credit card division’s marketing practices were one of the main reasons the FEDS put in the regs!”

I wanted to go further and comment that our very mayor ran that division, but it was hard to keep up . . .

Dana began to defend ‘Pay Day’ Lenders. He argued people needed them for ‘quick money’ to get out of a bind, and the usual lines you hear from these kind of lending predators, so I played nice, and Patrick actually asked my question;

“What did ‘these people’ do before pay day lenders? High interest credit cards or Food Stamps? Really, I ask the question?”

Of course Dana, as I suspected brought up loan sharks and mobsters, he even went as far as saying, “Have you seen the movie Rocky?” LMAO! So I made this comment (Pat also posted it, but didn’t relay the comment to Dana)

“I knew that was going to be your answer, everyone went to the mobsters. Sure, Dana. Actually, people depended on family and friends to help them, and when their neighbors helped them, they didn’t charge them a 300% interest rate.”

Then Dana started bragging how private investors, including himself, gave almost $100 million for upgrades to the SDSU sports palaces, some named after him.

I made a comment about how it was good that he took advantage of all those people on high interest credit cards so he could take his personal wealth and build these facilities. Lalley was not amused and did not post the comment, but did say this;

“I could only go so far hot air. Thanks all.”

I couldn’t resist to finish the show with one last comment (that was posted) about how unimaginative the host is;

“Stu, not sure if you know normal everyday peeps in our town that do great things, but in the future, I suggest you ask them to be a guest on your show.”

3 Thoughts on “Dana Dykehouse on the Su Fu Stupid show, 5/5/2015

  1. Greg Neitzert on May 9, 2015 at 2:12 pm said:

    I haven’t been able to force myself to watch any show with Stu on it yet. I figure reading his columns is punishment enough. If his shows are anything like his columns, he probably spends his time licking the boots of whatever power broker he has a man crush on. It’s really embarassing, and not intellectually stimulating.

    As far as the well known credit card magnates and their philanthropy, I’ve always been torn on that one. On the one hand, I do admire the charitable giving. There is an enormous amount of good that some of their donations will do, for example in health care because of Sanford’s immense giving. The end result and impact of the giving is more important to me than the motivation overall. I’d rather have someone give for selfish reasons and do a ton of good than not give and be totally pure. But I don’t quite get the obsession these guys have with getting their names plastered on all sorts of sports palaces. Is it major ego or what? Or, trying to redefine their legacy because they have some guilt about how they made their money (in cases where they ripped off largely poor people with sub-prime credit cards and pay day loans)? Not sure.

  2. Ol'Bubbleguts on May 9, 2015 at 7:58 pm said:

    There is fire and guts in them there words.
    Bold statement.

    kudos,..(hipster 8 )
    I fear our only legacy will be scorched and salted earth
    I will not be frightened

  3. scott on May 10, 2015 at 10:06 am said:

    I’d like someone to explain the “good” Sanford Helath has done. I think the main reason they put the old man’s name it is to deflect criticism from the health care system. Anyone criticizes Sanford and the retort is always “it’s his money”. No, it’s money made from jacking up prices and driving up the cost of insurance, and adding to the federal debt from billing Medicare.

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