You don’t have to come to DaCola to read about the Federal approval of Gay Marriage. But this is part of a bigger movement. The ACA was found to be constitutional once again, marriage equality, and now marijuana sales in Flandreau. The next big step is making marijuana legal nation wide.

It’s about time our country realizes we are a country of freedoms – not just for some people – but for all.

By l3wis

2 thoughts on “One more step forward towards equality”
  1. Dude we are a country of freedom which means we should be free to use any drug we want like Amsterdam!

  2. Some of us old, old hippies would agree with Amsterdam about the drugs too.
    For many years I have been an advocate of birth control, sex education, your right as a woman to have an abortion and your rights to love who you choose. It is disheartening to see the strides we had made in sex education and abortion going down the tubes, but it has been wonderful to see the steps we have made for the LGBT community. We have a long way to go in both areas, but some of us old hippies have had a small celebration for the small progress gained for our LGBT friends.

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