For those of you not following along at home or may not understand 1st and 2nd readings at council meetings, what this means is that the cell phone ban ordinance will NOT got to a second reading for public input and council vote. Essentially the council KILLED the ordinance before they had to vote on it at all (5-3).

Pretty crazy, because just two hours ago I testified at the meeting in public testimony telling them to KILL it tonight, and force the group supporting this to do a petition drive. Michelle felt this WASN’T a ballot issue because it is public safety. Not sure what that means, I guess she doesn’t feel like people in this community should be able to vote on public safety issues (even though we voted on snowgates).

Well, they might just get their chance, that is if the Hoity-Toity businessmen and women that supported this get out their clipboards and pens.

4 Thoughts on “Sioux Falls City Council Kills the 2nd reading of the cell phone ban

  1. I love mayoral politics. Glad they stuck it to the school marm

  2. After being totally shocked last night that the council killed this, and then hearing that KELO radio is replaying my public testimony today, and reading Rich and Michelle’s comments about public input in the paper, it started me thinking about snowgates. Michelle NEVER wanted public input on this, unless it was supporting what she wanted. Ironically, I decided to show up to the 1st reading and be THE ONLY REAL public input on the matter. I kind of think this is Karma for the way she treated the snowgate petition gatherers by denying them to be on the ballot with the school board election (which was fine in hindsight since they got approved in a blowout on the other election). Michelle proves once again she doesn’t have the pulse of her constituents, because SHE DOESN’T LISTEN TO THEM. She was extremely wrong about snowgates and now she is finding out she is extremely wrong about cell phones.

  3. The D@ily Spin on October 21, 2015 at 9:00 am said:

    What a waste of council time. I suspect it got media attention because it’s the only subject to present without introducing democratic irregularities and corruption.

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