The less ‘Freaky’ meeting chair

I will be the first to say I don’t always agree with decisions commissioner Heiberger makes, and sometimes she isn’t real big on transparency, BUT what I can see, as chair of the commission, she runs a tight ship when it comes to meetings.

If you ever watch the meetings, as I do, one thing that often stands out is that Cindy runs the meetings with a high level of decorum and professionalism. She is often polite, respectful and thankful of input, whether that comes from her peers, directors or the public. In fact she often disagrees and weighs in just as much as her peers.

Besides the fact that Cindy runs a smooth ship, most of the time, it is not an easy feat, there is a Hell of a lot more ruckus that goes on at these meetings then the city council meetings. Many of the commissioners ask tough questions of their directors and staff, and if those answers are not kosher, they let them have it. Barth and Kelly are the most vocal, but Beninga, Bender and Heiberger have also chimed in when they think they are being buffaloed by staff or the public.

Cindy lets them rant, she also thanks them when they are done, even if she doesn’t agree. That’s called ‘decorum’ folks. Cindy understands that in government not everything is a rubber stamp and a bed of roses, there has to be uncomfortable discussion, there has to be debate and sometimes that is ruffling feathers. She allows it at her meetings, because I believe she knows it is important. I have been watching the meetings regularly over the past two years, while Cindy has raised her voice a few times and has asked people to calm down, she has NEVER gaveled her fellow peers and freaked out like a monkey banging a drum, and trust me I have seen over 20 rants between Barth and Kelly over the past couple of years that were way more uncomfortable and controversial then a prepared statement by Stehly. But guess what, they haven’t had ethics violations lobbed at them, because they have a right as elected officials to have these rants, we expect it from them.

As I have said, if Rolfing would have just let Stehly speak, it would have all been over in a few minutes, with practically no drama. Maybe Rex could mentor Cindy for a few meetings and learn something about representative government and how to run a meeting.

5 Thoughts on “Rex Rolfing needs to learn how to run a meeting from Minnehaha County Commissioner Cindy Heiberger

  1. Reliable Voter on September 24, 2016 at 10:36 am said:

    Dick Kelly, by tradition, should be the current chair of the Commission. The R’s usually award the Chair to the commissioner seeking reelection.

    Cindy undermined Kelly with the other Commissioners suggesting Kelly was not capable of presiding in an efficient manner and got herself elected to a 2nd consecutive term as Chair.

    She’s a real sweetheart.

  2. The D@ily Spin on September 24, 2016 at 10:39 am said:

    When are county meetings? I should start going. Should city and county be merged into one government?

  3. RV, I hear you. I have been very critical of how Cindy treats transparency, especially the process that was used to pick Jean Bender. But I have never seen Cindy freak out on her peers or the public, and there has been some interesting input over the past two years, I remember the meeting where Kelly got pretty pissed about not being appointed chair, Cindy never gaveled him, she let him rant.

  4. You wonder if Kelly is upset yey from his loss to Scott H.

  5. Rex is always out of order, you just learn to ignore him.

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