So will he run for House? Governor? or nothing?

And if so will he run as a Democrat? Republican or Indy?

I’m going with Indy for Congress.

Whoever gets the party affiliation and run correct wins a Detroit Lewis original painting (even if you guess the same as me).


10 Thoughts on “Get your bets in!

  1. H Schmidt on December 17, 2016 at 6:51 am said:

    My guess will be that Huether will pursue his childhood dream and run for Governor and as an Independent and try to woo both Dems and Republicans that might fall for his sales pitch.

    The political junkies in both parties will either distance themselves from him in particular what is left of the SDDP and the SDGOP will have fun going after him with plenty of documented material just like a comedian would.

  2. Blasphemo on December 17, 2016 at 11:09 am said:

    With the “I DON’T CARE” video making the light of day, let’s all pray to the higher power of our choice MMM will make a resignation announcement. If it is to be . . . .that should be pretty good confirmation of a higher power.

  3. The D@ily Spin on December 17, 2016 at 1:16 pm said:

    He’ll go Democrat for governor. He knows (or should) he can’t get elected. He’s after party funds he can keep. Sad because more Democrat damage. His advertising will be Trump-like free news statements appealing to rednecks and brain dead call center workers. Get ready for lots of racist, sexist, or groping innuendos. Politics has become like wrestling; costumes, acting, fake moves, and lots of pounding on mats with amplifier sound systems. The smoke and strobes is a bit much but we’re talking Huether.

  4. His “Black Sheep Coffee” talk suggests to me that he’ll run for Gov.

    I would be surprised if he ran as an Indy, however. If he does, though, he will beat the Democratic nominee and lose to the Republican nominee, and thus to no avail.

    The day Mickelson said he was not running was the day Huether became our next governor. Especially, if he runs against Noem, as the Democratic nominee.

  5. Warren Phear on December 17, 2016 at 8:56 pm said:

    mmm would not be mayor if not for Steve Hildebrand. Hildy now knows his work for huether was a mistake. Steve will not make the same mistake twice. huether has no chance at governor, either against noem or Jackley. He also has no chance with a (D) by his name. I agree with l3wis. Indie, house. Will not matter, without Hildebrand to work his magic, he will lose…big time. He is naive enough to believe he can run a campaign like his new hero…trump. They do share common traits though. None of them worthy.

  6. I agree that Hildebrand is a great loss for the mayor, but Huether versus Noem is like Johnson versus Bell or Dashcle versus Roberts.

  7. Warren_Phear on December 18, 2016 at 9:05 am said:

    Winston, if I read you right, huether vs noem will be the rural 6×6 shiny belt buckle of noem vs the metro crying game of huether? huether might win in the SF MSA outside the city interstate beltway. The rest of the state will crush huether. This state, in general, despises SF and it’s uppity attitude. That uppity attitude is the total embodiment of huether.

    huether thinks he can run a campaign like the one trump ran. Outsider business acumen, and against special interests. Based on trumps special interest picks so far in his transition, 18 months from now, even mmm will disavow any fascination or admiration for trumps victory. Listen to the last 11 minutes of this infomercial by mmm’s public relations director and decide for yourself the kind of race mmm plans to run.

  8. Warren, I often hear about the Sioux Falls vulnerability when one talks about Huether running statewide, and I do not deny that it is a potential issue. But he is probably the most known Sioux Falls mayor we have ever had to the rest of the state. He is bigger than life and I think that works to his advantage. Plus, he use to be a “Buck” and then a “Jackrabbit,” too, as he likes to say, and I think that his statewide image of getting things done along with his associations beyond Sioux Falls will over time negate any Sioux Falls vulnerability.

    I also think, assuming he runs against Noem, that Noem’s greatest vulnerability, although not right, is the fact that she will be a victim of misogyny by the very same people who might be inclined to vote against Huether because he is from Sioux Falls, and the result will be that Huether will be the one who benefits from this reality. In addition to the misogyny factor, it will come down to a race between accomplishments (although, some will debate that) versus eight congressional years of what?

    As far as your Trump theory, well, I cannot disagree. I think he has already proven that he plans to use that playbook, but has he not been doing that from day one?

    His only true vulnerability is the rising crime rate in Sioux Falls and he has about one good year to put a dent in that. But have you noticed recently how much violent crime in our more rural areas of the state have been rising, too. That is probably how he will spin this along with using the meth epidemic as the all inclusive scapegoat.

  9. Warren_Phear on December 18, 2016 at 3:23 pm said:

    Winston, to hear mmm tell it, trump copied the mmm playbook. No special interests, and the rising crime rate? Funny how mmm/trump cuts funding to a drug prevention program, and his wife’s tennis facility gets a $500,000 gift?

  10. Any politician has to be very careful in trying to copy or use the Trump playbook, however.

    In the past, some tried to copy Janklow to no avail, because only Janklow could be Janklow and only Trump can be Trump….

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