Tim spoke at a Town Hall event organized by Indivisible 605 and Indivisible Common Grounds at the Icon Event Hall + Lounge in Sioux Falls where he addressed some of the critical issues we face as a state and nation, gave an update about the campaign, and responded to audience questions on a wide variety of issues. Tim and Kay also spent time in Madison for a fundraiser, visiting the courthouse, library, DSU campus, and KJAM Radio where he had an interview with Sue Bergheim! Catch him this weekend at the SDDP McGovern Day dinner and next weekend at the Custer County Democrats’ Roosevelt-McGovern Day Rally!

Saturday, April 28th:

Speaking at South Dakota Democratic Party McGovern Day, 7:00pm

Ramkota Convention Center

3200 W Maple

Sioux Falls, SD 57107

Find tickets & the full weekend schedule at: www.sddp.org

Wednesday, May 2nd:

Lake Andes campaign stop, 12:00pm

Lake Andes Lakers Lunch

Tim will spend the morning and afternoon in Wagner

Thursday, May 3rd:

Brookings fundraiser, 5:00pm

Mama Mia

1300 Main Avenue S

Brookings, SD 57006

Friday, May 4th:

Kadoka courthouse

Kimball business district

Lyman County Courthouse

Custer downtown

Saturday, May 5th:

Custer County Democratic Party Roosevelt-McGovern Day Rally, 11:000am

Rocky Knolls Golf Course

Sunday, May 6th:

Custer, Hill City

One Thought on “On the Road with Tim Bjorkman

  1. Next Fall, when South Dakota Public Television introduces the two congressional candidates – the Judge and Opie – for a televised debate, I think they should be introduced with the following theme music:


    …..Hey, a judge is a lot like a justice of the peace and Opie already admits he is the “World’s oldest teenager.” But then again, maybe it’s “Happy Days” and not the “Andy Griffith Show;” but would that make the Judge the Fonzie or Mr. Cunningham, or perhaps Al the diner owner?

    I can see it coming down to a battle between the two camps, where one side says its “Mayberry” while an other calls for happier or “Happy Days;” because the latter perhaps gives Opie at least a potential level playing field.

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