As people take summer drives, Tim agrees with South Dakota farmers than we need more ethanol in gas tanks.

That’s why Tim spoke with dozens of people and did several media interviews at a pro-E15 rally in Sioux Falls Wednesday morning. E15 is fuel with 15 percent ethanol in it instead of the usual 10 percent.

Tim believes adding ethanol to our fuel makes good sense, both to boost the slumping price of corn and to use American product, not oil from South America or the Middle East.

During the Tractor Rally at Falls Park Farmers Market, Tim heard from farmers and members of the ethanol industry on how they need support for their product — and a clear message to Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt to grant a waiver and allow the sale of E15 year-round.

5 Thoughts on “American corn, not foreign oil

  1. scott on June 16, 2018 at 8:52 pm said:

    where was dusty johnson? or does he think he has the farm vote locked up?

  2. Did you see Dusty at the E15 event screaming about Pruitt, but not Trump?

    Dusty is a crafty one. He lucked out by running against two Trumpsters in the primary so that he could win with a 47% plurality; and now he is going to try to run against Trump by just running against the Cabinet…. But the sad thing is, that it might work…. Because many Trump voters are too stupid to admit that they voted to destroy themselves in the last election…..

    Here’s ‘Barney,’ I mean ‘Opie’ at 00:20:

  3. D@ily Spin on June 17, 2018 at 9:20 am said:

    Farmers Market is not a good forum for ethanol politics. It’s more a private cultural food and flowers get flea market. Keep politics in Pierre or at the Farm Show. Ethanol works when gas prices are high and during warm months. Alcohol in gas when it’s subzero freezes fuel lines. Ethanol is being promoted because farm exports to China and Canada will faulter as a result of Trump’s trade war. I’m afraid the agricultural economy will decline until this matter is resolved. Farmers can thrive from subsidies and binge watch Bonanza until then.

  4. Ethanol freezes at -173 deg. don’t think it gets quite that cold here. Gasoline will freeze before ethanol.

  5. Here’s what big corn isn’t telling you. Ethanol has 1/3 less btu than gasoline. Therefore you must use premium gasoline or butane to increase its BTU. We can’t use butane in the summer because of emission regulation and We don’t have enough refining capacity in this country to produce the amount of premium needed for E15.

    Right now the us is exporting shit gas as a biproduct of making so much premium.

    Additionally, ethanol is not delivered in pipelines but trains. And which billionaire owns all the trains to get the ethanol from here to Arizona?

    If we would get rid of the mandates, our fuel prices would normalize. As always the government and the Uber rich makes the problems rather then fixing them.

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